How our downsizing scheme can help YOU

Are you living in a two, three, four or even five-bedroom house which is now too big for you? Would you like to move somewhere more affordable? Are you put off by the cost and upheaval of it all?

If the answer is yes then we have the answer.

We have put together a package to help you move home if the house you are currently living in is too large.

We recognise that assisting people to move to smaller homes can help them to improve their own qualify of life while making a valuable contribution in providing properties for areas where we do not have enough family-sized homes.

To encourage you to move to smaller, more suited accommodation, we can offer a range of positive incentives that can help in addition to the obvious advantages of:

  • Smaller heating and lighting bills
  • Smaller council tax bills
  • A home which is easier to look after

We will discuss your needs with you and make sure that we meet them by offering you a range of different options. 

Interested in the scheme?

You can apply to participate in the scheme by filling out the form at the back of this Downsizing Leaflet [pdf] 6MB and sending it via post or by hand delivery to your local neighbourhood office.

If you would like to discuss the scheme in more depth before applying, please call your neighbourhood office direct on:

01733 385077– if you live in the north or east areas of the city

01733 385061– if you live in the south or west areas of the city