A career at Cross Keys Care: Angelina’s story…

Angelina Defalco had been out of work for some time. She was struggling to know how to get back into the workplace, when her Neighbourhood Manager told her about a recruitment open day for Cross Keys Care. Angelina went along to find out more.

After taking advice at the open day, Angelina immediately registered with our employment support programme and was soon on a Health and Social Care for Adults course.

Angelina joins the Cross Keys Care Academy

Completing this course made Angelina more determined than ever that she wanted to work in the care service.

“I wanted to do something meaningful that would make a difference to people. It's so hard to get a job in care without any experience so I was excited when I heard about the Cross Keys Care Academy. This was a real chance for me to gain some qualifications and experience.”

“It gave me a real insight into the world of care, and I really didn’t know there was so much involved. Things like infection control, medication and health and safety.”

Angelina completed the course and had her interview. Despite her nerves, she impressed the panel and was offered a job. After five weeks shadowing another care worker, Angelina was out delivering care on her own.

“I am so grateful to the Academy. I really don’t think I would have been able to get a job in care without the training and support and work skills that I’ve learned.

“Getting my first wage packet was the best feeling ever and I'm even excited to be paying my own bills, rather than relying on benefits.

“I still have a lot to learn but my confidence has improved so much already. I'm working with such a great and supportive team, so I know things will just keep improving for me.”