Apply online and we’ll support you through the process every step of the way. There are just a couple of things to consider before you apply.


People from all walks of life can buy a shared ownership home, the eligibility is simple to understand.

You’re probably eligible, if these three statements apply to you:

  • Your annual gross household income is less than £80,000

  • You do not currently own a home which was purchased on the open market 

  • You have no outstanding credit problems.

We’ll confirm your eligibility after you submit your application.


We carry out a brief financial assessment as part of the application process so that we have an initial idea of what you can afford. This will help us to work out what size home you can buy as well as the amount of share you can own.

Independent financial advice will help you understand what you can afford in more detail. We’ll introduce you to an independent financial adviser to make sure you’re in the right position to buy a home.  You can reserve your home after your affordability assessment is complete.

Be prepared with all of your financial information before you start your application. We'll need details of your employment status, income and outgoings - including all loans, credit cards and regular expenses such as childcare vouchers or travel season tickets.   

Try an affordability calculator before you apply to work out if you can cover the mortgage costs as well as the monthly fees for your home. 


Help to Buy

You need a Help to Buy reference number before you can apply for a specific home with CKH.

Help to Buy is the government scheme created to support more people into homeownership. You are not obliged to use any Help to Buy financial products when purchasing your home. Your local Help to Buy agent can guide you through the options available and explain the eligibility and affordability criteria.

Register with your local Help to Buy agent.

When you've found your dream home, you'll need to submit your interest in the property on the Help to Buy website as well as completing our application form. 


The application process

You’re buying a home. There will be paperwork, solicitors and mortgage advisers involved just like with any other house sale. At the end of the day, you’ll pick up the key to your own front door. 

The first step is to complete your online application, once we have your details we'll get in touch to talk about your requirements and affordability, then we'll introduce you to an Independent Financial Adviser. 

The Independent Financial Adviser will work through your finances in detail. They can also help you find a mortgage if you need them to. 

After all of the legal and financial checks are complete, we'll offer you a property and you'll pay a small deposit to formally reserve it. If you're buying a new-build home, the cost of this deposit comes off the price when you complete the purchase. 

We both instruct our solicitors to take care of the formal side of the sale. Your solicitor will make enquiries about the property on your behalf and report back to you. They are legally bound to act in your best interests so make sure you understand the information they share with you before you sign the final legal documents. 

Your mortgage lender will carry out a valuation of the property before making you a formal mortage offer. 

At this stage, we're ready to exchange contracts and you'll have to pay the full deposit for your share. Your solicitor handles all of the money for your purchase, including your deposit and the loan advance from your mortgage provider. 

After we've exchanged, we're both committed to the sale and can agree a date for completion. 

On completion day, we'll meet you and give you the keys to your new home!  

Talk to us

The team is here to help, so please start a live chat or give us a call:

Meghann Sutton: 01733 396 440 for application enquiries

Devon Long :01733 396 401 for resales and staircasing

Mary Elmore: 01733 396 406 for new build sales

Leanne Elliott: 01733 396 412 for new build sales