Caring for your home

Keeping your home clean and safe is important for the wellbeing and comfort of those who live there. So here's some useful advice to help you look after your home.

Bulky waste and fly-tipping

Bulky waste collection

We offer a bulky waste collection service within Peterborough. For a small fee of £20, we will dispose of up to three bulky items (such as furniture and white goods) from your home. Call our repairs centre on 01733 385030 to arrange your collection and payment which must be made in advance.  

Please do not place items of bulky waste in bin stores, they will not be collected as part of the normal bin collection and leaving large items is considered fly-tipping.



We do all that we can to keep our neighbourhoods clean and tidy and will remove fly-tipped items from our land and communal areas.

Fly-tipping is a breach of your tenancy agreement and we recharge our customers for the removal of fly-tipping.

You can report fly-tipping on CKH land via MyCKH. If you are not a CKH resident, please email to report fly-tipping.

Fly-tipping on public land is dealt with by the local authority, please visit your local council’s website to find out more details about how to report issues.

Condensation and Mould

Mould is usually caused by excessive condensation and is not related to a structural fault or a repairs problem with your home. If you're experiencing condensation which is causing mould, there are a number of things you can do to ease the problem.

To control condensation you should:

  • improve ventilation by opening windows, particularly in your kitchen and bathroom
  • keep your home warm throughout
  • use any extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom
  • open doors to fitted wardrobes so that air can circulate
  • use your room thermostat to maintain a temperature no less than 12 degrees and not more than 21 degrees.

This short film tells you how to deal with condensation.

If you've followed the advice in the leaflet and video for six weeks and the problem doesn't improve, call the Repairs Centre on: 0800 328 2742 or 01733 385030.

Pest control

We can help you deal with with some pests but you need to do your bit too to help prevent infestations. 

Pest control

Pest control

The following lists show our responsibilities regarding different types of pests. 

We will arrange for the treatment free of charge if they are on or in your home

We will only carry out one course of treatment

We will treat if there is an infestation

These pests are your responsibility to treat

Wasps nest

Bed bugs



Bees nest 













Please note: Bees are protected as they are an endangered species so our pest controller may not always be able to remove bees for you.

Local beekeepers often offer their services to try to remove honey bee nests for a small fee. Visit The British Beekeepers Association website for information about swarm removal


Housekeeping advice


The council is responsible for collecting rubbish and emptying wheelie bins. The council will let you know if the collection day changes because of a bank holiday. If your bin isn't emptied, you should report it to the council’s waste helpline.

Make sure you put all materials that can be recycled into the appropriate bins. Some of our schemes provide shared recycling facilities. You can speak to your Neighbourhood Manager or Scheme Manager about this service.

If you have bulky items to dispose of, for example, a fridge or a sofa, contact the council’s Waste Management department.

Garages and gardens

If you have a garage, don't use it to store furniture, valuable items, rubbish or dangerous substances in, and don't let anyone else do this.

If you want to build a garage, you'll need to ask for permission. You might also need planning permission. Ask for permission to build a garage using our home improvements form.

You're responsible for keeping your garden tidy, maintained and free from all rubbish, particularly food which can attract vermin such as rats. If you don't keep your garden in a satisfactory condition, we'll carry out the necessary work and charge you the full cost. In severe cases, we might even take court action.

Please note: don't plant leylandii hedging or other large, fast-growing trees as these can cause damage to the property and are expensive to maintain or have removed.

Floors and carpets

Take care when installing your own carpets. Make sure that no nails or carpet tacks go through any pipework under your floorboards. Don't fit carpet tacks or nail fixing rods directly onto floor tiles as this could damage the tiles and possibly the damp proof membrane. It's your responsibility to have doors adjusted after you've had new floor coverings fitted. 

Tiled floors should be cleaned regularly. Don't use soda, caustic materials or harsh scouring compounds on the tiles as they might damage them. 

Laminate and solid flooring is only permitted in individual houses and ground floor flats. You're responsible for the removal and reinstatement of the flooring if it needs to be lifted to carry out any repairs. Make sure you have household contents insurance to cover any damage that occurs from water leaks or other accidents. We won't accept any responsibility for laminate or wood flooring that you install. 

Solar panels

Solar panel guide coverSolar panels on the roof of a property generate electrical power from the sun's rays. If your home has solar panels fitted, these are being used to provide heat, light and power to your home.

You can make the most of your solar panels by using high wattage appliances such as washing machines and kettles and different times. The energy your solar panels generate cannot be stored for you to use at a later time, so where possible use high wattage appliances during the day, for example, you could put your clothes in the washing machine in the morning rather than the evening.

Read our solar panel guide.

Your solar panels require very little maintenance and are monitored remotely by our installers. If you have a problem with the system, contact our installers on: 0800 852 1095 or 01228 267026. They will carry out any necessary repairs or maintenance. 

Home contents insurance

Make sure your furniture, equipment and personal belongings are covered against damage by taking out home contents insurance. As a Cross Keys Homes' resident, you can access a special scheme called My Home, which will protect your belongings for just a few pounds a month. The scheme is provided by the National Housing Federation.

Find out more about My Home contents insurance  My Home contents insurance logo  
Or contact My Home direct for further information on: 0345 450 7288.