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Hailey and Terrance

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Helping couples dreams come true

Buying their first home led to the realisation of not one, but two dreams for our former tenants, Hailey and Terrance.

The couple had been renting a one-bedroom flat with us but found they'd outgrown their home. After finding out about Shared Ownership through our Keylines magazine, the couple decided the time was right to get their foot onto the property ladder and become a homeowner.

And as well as fulfilling their ambition of owning their own home, Hailey and Terrance’s biggest dream was also fulfilled.

Hailey said: “I’ve always wanted a baby and have been trying to conceive for the last few years.

“It was amazing, as soon as we moved in I fell pregnant; it’s almost as if my body knew that we now had our family home and it was the right time.”

Terrance added: "Everything has just fallen into place. We have our dream home thanks to Cross Keys Homes' Shared Ownership scheme and couldn't be happier.

"I would recommend this scheme to anyone. The whole experience from start to finish was so easy and stress free. A year ago we didn't think owning our own home was even an option. Now we have a wonderful modern home which is close to our family and friends and a baby on the way. How lucky are we!"


Perfect for young professionals 

Andy’s Story

“I was renting with my friends for a while but I could never save enough money to get onto the property ladder, so I moved back in with my parents to try and save a deposit for a mortgage. Although I was saving more money I still had some outgoing costs which was mainly from the commute to and from work.

So I started searching for an apartment closer to work that was still affordable, and that’s when I came across the perfect property just a stone’s throw away from the city centre – it even had its own parking space!

I investigated further and found that it was one of a Cross Keys Homes’ properties available for shared ownership. I’d heard of shared ownership before but I didn’t know the details of what was involved. After speaking with Shanise at Cross Keys Homes it became clear to me that this was a fantastic option which would enable me to get onto the property ladder with the small deposit I had managed to save so far.

The entire process was so simple and easy – I managed to do it all over the phone or by email. It was a quick turn around too, I needed to be in the property as soon as possible and Cross Keys Homes made it happen.

The main benefits of shared ownership is that it has helped me to take a step onto the property ladder, when a couple of months ago I didn’t think this would be possible. I am also planning to increase my share in the future so that one day this property can be all mine.

I love being so close to the city centre not only for work but for going out and meeting friends. It’s fantastic being in a newly built property too.

If I could sum up shared ownership in three words it would be easy, quick and affordable.”

For more information about shared ownership or if you would like to find out what properties we have available please visit our website, call us on 01733 396406 or email