Compliments and complaints

We welcome all feedback - it's one of the ways we can improve and ensure we are doing what is right for you.

If you have any compliments, suggestions or ideas make sure you email us on Alternatively you can tell your Care Worker or your Scheme, Short Stay Accommodation or Neighbourhood Manager, or call us on 01733 385000

You could also write to us at: Cross Keys Homes, Shrewsbury Avenue, Peterborough PE2 7BZ.

We will respond to your feedback within five working days. If you are not happy with our first response you can send us a formal complaint.

Our complaints process

Send us your feedback, good or bad and we will respond in five working days. Stage one: Not happy with our response? Send us a formal complaint and we will respond to you within ten working days. Stage two: Request a review by our Chief Executive within 20 days of receiving your response. She will respond to you within 20 days of your request. Stage three: Appeal to our Independent Complaints Panel, through the Chair or Vice-Chair of the Residents Board within 20 days. Your hearing will be arranged within 20 working days and we will send you the outcome within five working days of the hearing. This is CKH’s final response to your complaint. To take your complaint further please refer it to a Designated Person (local Councillor, MP or CKH ‘Independent Scrutiny Panel’). You may take your complaint direct to the Housing Ombudsman after eight weeks from the date of CKH’s final decision (without the involvement of a designated person).

Use the Complaints Form to send us details of your complaint and we will begin investigating. You can also make a complaint by emailing: or calling: 01733 385000.

You can also download our  Customer Feedback Leaflet .

Cross Keys Homes take your privacy seriously and will process your personal data in line with the principles set out in the data protection act. For a full statement on your privacy please see our Privacy Policy.