Frequently asked questions

You can contact us in the way most convenient for you - phone, email or in person. But before you do, check out our Frequently Asked Questions - we may have already answered your query. 

Your rent

How can I find out what the balance of my rent account is?

You can now access your rent account online through MyCKH. MyCKH allows you to check your latest transactions and account balance 24 hours a day, you can also report a repair or update your details. 

To register for MyCKH you will need your payment reference number, date of birth and an email address. Register now.

Alternatively you can call us on 01733 385000 or email and we will be able to give you your account balance.

I would like to pay my rent by direct debit.

You can download a Direct Debit form here. You will need to print it off, fill in your details and send it to us at Cross Keys Homes, Shrewsbury Avenue, Peterborough PE2 7BZ. If you do not have a printer, please call us on 01733 385000 or email

I would like a statement of my rent account.

You can now access your rent account online through MyCKH. MyCKH allows you to check your latest transactions and account balance 24 hours a day, you can also report a repair or update your details. 

To register for MyCKH you will need your payment reference number, date of birth and an email address. Register now. 

How have you worked out my Direct Debit – I’m paying more but my monthly rent has decreased?

Whilst we understand that you will have received a rent review letter issued to all our customers detailing the change in our rent charges, we are also encouraging all our customers to keep their rent accounts in credit, to protect you against any changes to your circumstances.

We have calculated your Direct Debit to ensure that your account is in credit by the end of this financial year (by April 2019).  If this is unaffordable to you at the moment, please contact out Income Management team to discuss reducing your Direct Debit for the time being, whist also ensuring your rent is paid. You can contact the team on 01733 396483.

I have lost my rent payment card. Can I order a new one?

Please call 01733 385000 or email and we will be able to order a new card for you.  It normally takes between 3 and 5 working days to arrive by post.



How do I rent a garage?

The best way to apply for a garage is to complete the online form here. This will also give you details of the areas where we currently have garages available. Once we have received your application we will be in touch within two working days to confirm if you application has been successful, or if we are unable to rent a garage to you at this time.

How much is the rent on your garages?

The weekly rent is £6.75 if you are a CKH tenant, or £8.10 per week if you are not a tenant of ours already.

When starting a new garage tenancy we require a payment of four weeks rent to be paid in advance. You can pay your rent in a number of ways, but the easiest way is by Direct Debit.

How big are your garages?

Our garages are standard single car size. They are approximately 5m long, 2m wide and 2.3m high. Most have a conventional up and over style door. They are not equipped with any electricity.

What do I do if I don’t want my garage anymore?

You need to give us notice in writing, currently one week’s notice is required to end the contract on your CKH garage.

Can I use my garage for storage?

Yes, you can use your garage for storage.  However, there are a number of items we do not allow to be stored in a garage, for safety reasons. This includes petroleum spirit, such as petrol and diesel, and any other flammable materials or substances. If you are unsure if something can be stored in your garage, please call us on 01733 385000 and we will let you know.

Shared Ownership

Do you have any shared ownership properties in Stratford Fields, Milton Keynes?

You can find details about the homes we have in Milton Keynes here, including availability, costs and how to apply.

How can I find what homes you have available for sale through shared ownership?

You can find all our homes available here.

Changes to your home

I would like to make some changes to my home, but I am in rent arrears. Will this be possible?

Being in rent arrears is a breach of your tenancy agreement and therefore, you will not be permitted to make any changes or improvements to your home whilst you are in arrears. Please contact our Income Management team on 01733 396483 or email

Can I make a change to my home at any time?

You need to have held your tenancy for 12 months or more before you will be able to make any changes to your home.

Apply for permsission to make changes to your home


Someone has dumped rubbish in the communal hallway. Who do I contact to have it taken away?

Please send details of what needs to be removed to or call 01733 385030 and our Repairs team will arrange for collection/removal of the fly tipping if it is on CKH land.

Anti-social behaviour 

My neighbours are really noisy and disrupting my family life. What can I do about it?

(Please consider if this is normal household noise prior to submitting a query)

If you are able to speak to your neighbour, this can often solve the problem, as they may not be aware of the impact their actions are having on your family. If the issue persists please contact us. The Anti-social behaviour team will ask you for more details about the problems you are encountering and may ask you to complete incident diary sheets for a period of time to monitor the situation. You can download an incident diary sheet here.

If the incident sheets show evidence of anti-social behaviour, we will investigate and take action if required. Please be aware that we are unable to share any details of an investigation.

I want to report that I believe I can smell drugs coming from a home near me or I believe drug use and dealing is happening in communal areas of my block.

Please report any suspected drug use or dealing to the police as this is a criminal matter.


How do I register for a MyCKH account?

Click on the ‘Login’ button at the top of the page.

You’ll need to enter your payment reference number (which you can find on your payment card or a recent rent statement), your date of birth and a valid email address to register for an account.

You’ll also be asked to create a password which you’ll need to use to login each time. Please keep your password safe.

I'm having trouble registering, what should I do?

Send us an email at or call our Customer Services team on 01733 385000 (9am to 5pm, Monday – Friday).

Try to include as much information as you can about the problem and we'll help you get started.

I don't seem to be able to log in to my account

Double check you are using the right email address and password. If you have tried logging in too many times using the wrong details, your account may have been locked. This is only temporary so please try again later.

If you can’t remember your password you can set a new one. Just click ‘forgot password’ instead of entering your login details and we’ll send you an email with details of what to do next.

If you’re still having trouble logging in, email us or call our Customer Services team on 01733 385000 (9am to 5pm, Monday – Friday).

I've changed my email address, how can I update my account?

You can tell us about changes to your contact details using the ‘update my details’ form in MyCKH.

If you would like to change the email address you use to log in to MyCKH, please email

I paid my rent today, why can’t I see the payment on MyCKH?

It takes up to 72 hours for payments to appear on MyCKH, any transactions you make today should be visible within a couple of days.

I receive Housing Benefit, can I view a balance that shows how much rent I am responsible for?

At the moment it is only possible to view the total balance for your account – that includes the rent covered by your Housing Benefit as well as the rent that you are responsible for.

You can see the details of all of the transactions from the last six months, including any Housing Benefit payments, on the Statements and Transactions page.

If you would like to discuss your rent payments, talk to a member of our Income Management team on 01733 396483.



Can I have a satellite dish?

You will need permission from us but this will depend on if you live in a house or flat and its location.

Please refer to our ‘Home improvements’ leaflet.

Click here to complete our online permission form for this. 

I’ve got a leak from my toilet/sink/bath what should I do?

If it is a small leak put a bucket or bowl underneath to catch the water or put a towel down. If it is a major leak turn the water off at the stopcock.

You should ensure you know where this is located and try to turn it on and off occasionally to ensure it remains free turning.

You will then need to call us and we will arrange for a plumber to come out and fix the problem.

My external door won’t lock - what do I do?

Call us as soon as possible and we will send someone out to attend the same day to secure your home.

Can I have a grab rail fitted?

Please refer to our ‘Aids and adaptations’ leaflet.

This will provide you with all the information you need. Normally this can be arranged quite quickly for you.

The glass to the main entrance door/window to our block of flats is broken, what should I do?

Do not try to clear the glass yourself. Call the police and report the incident and obtain a crime number. You will then need to contact us and we will arrange for it to be made safe that day (glassremoved and window/door boarded). We will then reglaze the door or window as soon as the glass is in stock.

My meter is blank or faulty or has a debt on it from a previous tenant, or is not accepting credit, what should I do?

We are not responsible for your meter and cannot attend or carry out any work on the meter itself. We are only responsible for the supply within the home itself. If there is a problem with the meter you will need to contact your supplier and ask them to attend and rectify for you.

Please note: We are unable to remedy any problems within your home until they have resolved the fault with your meter – this includes boilers not working and carrying out gas recommission tests.

There has been a power cut in the area, what should I do?

We have no control over this so will not be able to carry out any repairs that require a supply of electricity.

If you want to find out more about how long the power is likely to be off for and/or what the problem is please call UK Power Networks on: 0800 783 8838 or your own electrical supplier.

I’m going on holiday, what should I do?

Make sure you inform your Neighbourhood Manager of the dates you will be away and if possible leave an emergency contact number in case they need to contact you.

If it’s cold we would recommend that you turn the water off at the stop tap and leave your heating on low to prevent pipes freezing and bursting and causing damage to your home.

If your gas or electrical test is due while you are away please ensure you call Mears Gas team on 01733 385030 to let them know. They will re-arrange for a convenient time to ensure you continue to be supplied.

My shower head/hose is leaking, do you repair these?

No these are your responsibility to repair or replace as necessary.

It is always best to remove the existing one and take it with you to a local DIY store or supplier to ensure you purchase the correct size replacement.

My toilet is blocked. What should I do?

You need to try to unblock it. Half fill a bucket with hot water and pour this into the toilet as quickly as possible without spilling it as this can force the blockage through. You can also try to unblock it by using the toilet brush.

If you are unable to clear the blockage contact us. Please note if we attend and find the blockage is caused by negligence (eg a nappy or sanitary towel) you may be charged for the cost of therepair.

My sink is blocked. What should I do?

Pour hot water down the plug hole or use a plunger. If this does not work try a drain cleaner/sink unblocking product.

However, if the blockage persists and it has not been caused by negligence (eg food, oil) then please report this to us.

My light isn’t working what should I do?

You are responsible for replacing all bulbs and starter motors for florescent tubes no matter what room they are in. Please ensure the light is switched off before replacing the bulb or motor. The bathroom lights that we fit often have a cover on them and this can be removed by locating the slot on the side between the cover and the main part of the light that is fixed to the ceiling. Once the slot has been located insert a coin into the slot and twist gently whilst holding on to the cover to ensure it doesn’t drop to the floor and break.

If you are unsure what type of bulb is needed please remove the existing one and take it to a DIY store or supplier so that they can ensure you obtain the correct size replacement.

Please note: If we attend to a light not working and it only requires a new bulb and/or starter motor you will be charged the full cost of our visit.

I’ve lost my keys or I’ve had my keys stolen – what should I do?

Check your Home Contents insurance policy as this may cover you for lost/stolen keys. If it does, contact your provider and they will tell you what to do next.

We do not have spare keys to individual properties. If you do not have Home Contents insurance we can arrange to change the locks for you but you will need to pay for the cost of this work.

Please note you must be a main tenant on the tenancy for us to carry out this work for you and photographic ID must be provided here before this work commences.

How can I control the hot water in my home?

A hot water thermostat is fitted to your hot water tank or cylinder (if you have one). This stops the water heating up more than you want. Some homes don’t have a separate water tank because the boiler produces instant hot water and the thermostat is fitted to the boiler. If your water is too hot, you can make it cooler by lowering the setting on the thermostat.

You should set the hot water thermostat between 55 and 60°C.

How can I control the temperature in my home?

You can control the temperature of your home by using the room thermostat. This is usually situated in the hall or living room and reacts to the temperature of the air around it. You should set the room thermostat to between 18°C and 21°C. When this temperature is reached, the thermostat will switch off the central heating. It will switch it on again when the temperature falls below this. To save energy you should set the temperature as low as is comfortably possible. By turning your room thermostat down by 1°C you could save up to 10 per cent on your fuel bill each year.

You can control the temperature in individual rooms by using the controls on your radiators. These radiator controls are called thermostatic radiator valves. Radiator valves work by opening or closing the valve allowing water to flow in. You can use the controls to keep your bedrooms at a lower temperature than your living room. If you do not have thermostatic radiator valves, you can still turn a radiator off by closing the ordinary valve.

I have a leak from the flat above what should I do?

You need to find out who lives above you – what number their flat is. Knock and see if they are at home and if they are try and establish what is causing the leak and see if they can stop it by turning off their stop tap.

Ensure the leak is contained within your property by putting a bucket or other container under it. Make sure you move any electrical goods and belongings away from the leak to try and limit the amount of damage caused.

If the water is going in to any lights or electrical sockets make sure you do not use these until they have been made safe. Call us with all the details that you have been able to gather so that we can attend and remedy the problem.

I have mould in my home, what should I do?

Mould is normally caused by excessive condensation within your home. There are various ways you can try and reduce this including ensuring your property is adequately ventilated.

Further details can be obtained in our leaflet Controlling Condensation and Mould which is available on our website or by viewing our Controlling Mould video which is available on our YouTube channel.

My guttering is overflowing, what should I do?

If the rainfall is particularly heavy then no guttering is able to cope with this volume of water and it will overflow. What we would ask is that you monitor the situation during normal rain fall and see if there is stilla problem. We will only attend if there is an actual fault with the guttering or downpipe. This would include faults such as blockages, missing clips and joints coming apart.

What is a gas safety device?

A gas safety device ensures your continued safety as it will cut your boiler off automatically if your annual gas safety check is not carried out when it is due. Some of our homes have these already fitted and more will be fitted over time.

Please note it is a legal requirement for us to carry out an annual gas safety check in your home. This is a free service to you.

How do I know when I am due a gas safety check?

If your property has a gas safety device it will tell you when your annual service is due. When the device starts flashing you need to contact Mears Gas on: 0800 9888 330 or by email through to arrange an appointment to have it serviced if you haven’t already got an appointment arranged for this.

If you haven’t got a gas safety device you will instead receive a letter from us near the time of your annual inspection arranging a convenient date and time for this to be carried out.

How can I control the timing of my heating?

If you have central heating a timer or programmer allows you to set your heating and hot water to go on and off when you want. Some only allow you to switch your water and heating systems on and off twice a day. Others allow you to set up three different daily on/off periods for every day of the week. You should read the timer or programmer instructions carefully.