Garages to rent

We currently have a limited number of garages to rent in the following locations:

  • Hallaton Road–Welland
  • Mountbatten Way – Ravensthorpe
  • Smallwood – Ravensthorpe
  • Olive Road – Dogsthorpe


To apply for a garage, please complete the form below.

Please ensure you read all of this information before applyng for a garage. To apply, complete the form below:

  • You can't apply for a garage if you're in rent arrears.
  • You might be able to rent a garage for storing your belongings – this is at our discretion.
  • CKH do not pay VAT on the rent payable on your first garage. You will pay VAT on the rent of any subsequent garages.
  • If you are not a CKH tenant you will pay VAT on the rent of any garages from us.
  • Our garages are generally large enough for an average family car. If you require the specific dimensions of a garage, please contact us. 
  • All payments for garage rents are to be made by direct debit. You will be required to pay one month's rent in advance on commencement of your rental.

Please note: if you are currently on our waiting list for a garage you will hear from us as soon as a garage in you preferred location becomes available. 

To apply for a garage at one of the locations listed above, please complete this form:

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