We are looking for residents to join our Residents Board

Apply here - link to application formJoin our award-winning Residents Board and make important decisions about the services you receive.

We're looking for residents who want a rewarding and challenging opportunity to:  

• work as part of a team, alongside other customers

• make decisions that drive our customer-facing strategies forward
• report on the performance and delivery of our strategies
• monitor risk management-related strategies and report findings
• approve the annual stock investment programme and delivery plan.

What’s in it for you?

• ​Rewarding and challenging opportunity
• ​Learn new skills
• Training and support
• Increased self confidence
• Residents Board members are paid

We're also looking for a Trainee Residents Board Member.

Are you aged 16-24 and ready to speak up for the young people living in your community? If so, we want you to join our Residents Board.

The position would include:

  • being a voice for young residents of CKH
  • being a champion for the services that affect you
  • attending four paid meetings a year and having the option to go on training courses and attend conferences
  • all of the things that full residents board members get.

You'll need to be living in a Cross Keys Homes' property to be considered.

Places will be by selection, not election. 

We're accepting applications all the time. To register your interest or find out more, email us. You can also call us on 01733 385000 or message us through Facebook, with your contact details.

To apply for a place on the Residents Board, fill in the application form below.

Resident Board Application

Note: Questions marked by * are mandatory


Please respond to the following statements as honestly as possible. Don't worry, if you are not sure at the moment, as full training will be given to successful candidates
  Yes No Not sure
*This is a mandatory field. I am a CKH tenant or resident leaseholder
For the Trainee position only- I am either a CKH tenant or live in a CKH home.
I want to achieve improved services for CKH residents.
I can commit the time needed to make the Residents Board a success
I am enthusiastic about making a difference.
I am prepared to attend and participate in the training sessions so that the Residents’ Board can become effective quickly.
I am able to leave personal issues behind.
I can be objective in discussions and avoid judgemental statements or use of preconceptions.
I can carry out both written and verbal instructions.
I am able to work in a group setting, contributing and listening to others tolerantly.
I am able to read reports and make notes to use in meetings.
I appreciate the need to uphold confidentiality at all times
I am committed to promoting and upholding principles of equality and diversity and can explain what this is.
I am able and willing to ask questions when unsure about something.
I always act professionally and in a tactful, diplomatic and sensitive manner.
I am able to work to agreed timescales and deadlines.
I am able to communicate using e-mail.
I am willing to sign the CKH Code of Conduct and other relevant documents to safeguard Residents and Cross Keys Homes.