Green agenda

As Peterborough’s largest social landlord, housing around 14% of the city’s population, we appreciate that we and our tenants have a sizeable impact on the carbon footprint of the city. We want to make sure that we minimise this impact and help Peterborough achieve its ambition to become the UKs environment capital.

We took the decision to join the Investors in the Environment Accreditation (IiE) scheme, and we've been accredited since 2011. We're currently rated as Great Green Star, the highest accreditiation level.

We've taken a two-pronged approach to reducing our carbon footprint.

At our offices we've taken the following steps:

  • reduced our gas, electricity and water use, through education and technologies such as motion sensors on lights
  • cut paper usage, through education and by setting printers to print double sided by default
  • reduced fuel consumption by our fleet, by using vehicles that are more fuel efficient and by providing a ‘pool bike’ for staff making local journeys
  • reduced waste to landfill by providing recycling facilities, including compost caddies, and using a company that recycles our waste
  • installed photo-voltaic(PV) panels to provide power at our head office
  • replaced printers with Xerox Magicolour Multi-Function Devices which use less electricity
  • used environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • supported national and regional environmental campaigns.

The measures we've taken have reduced our carbon footprint by around 50%. This has resulted in reductions in utility costs too, despite rapidly rising prices. Since 2008, we've reduced our electricity use by 62%. We spent £13,000 less on electricity in 2012 than 2008. The PV panels at our head office now generate around 8% of the power we use.

We've also developed a ‘home improvement standard’ to make our homes more energy efficient This has not only made homes warmer for tenants but has also made them cheaper to run.

The improvements we've made to homes include:

  • cavity, internal and external wall insulation
  • loft insulation
  • class A boilers
  • thermostatic radiator valves
  • high efficiency hot water cylinders
  • solar heating systems
  • double glazing.

Our energy efficiency work for tenants exceeds that of many other housing providers. Our average SAP rating of 75.22 for general needs properties and 76.70 for sheltered housing places us well in the upper quartile when measured against others in the sector.

Using these SAP ratings, we know that we've reduced the CO2 emissions of our general needs properties by 34%.

Latest news: Cross Keys Homes has now installed over 5,000 PV solar panels, in our homes. This will enable our tenants to receive free electricity during daylight hours, with savings for a typical household of between £150 and £250 a year.