Green scene

“Our aim is to help our residents and employees have the best possible quality of life. To achieve this, we need a city that has a thriving local economy, strong communities and a sustainable way of life.”

We're committed to protecting our environment and supporting Peterborough’s Environment Capital vision. Our aim is to reduce the impact we have on the environment resulting from our business activities. This includes the use of energy, water, the production of waste and the use of transport. We're also committed to wider sustainability objectives, including preventing pollution, protecting wildlife and habitats, and helping our employees and residents be healthy, happy and thriving. 

Our environmental strategy is based on the principles of One Planet Living, a model where every individual and organisation uses its fair share of the earth’s resources including water, energy and other vital resources. Success in achieving these aims will be directly related to the support and actions of every resident, business and organisation in the city. As this supports our vision and aims, we'll use the same framework to further develop our environmental credentials and to support Peterborough’s vision.

As part of this, we've pledged our commitment to the Investors in the Environment scheme which is administered by Peterborough Environmental City Trust.


Getting out and about sustainably

Using this map you can find ways of reaching our offices using sustainable travel. You can search by road names, area names, places and bus stops. It shows how to reach our offices by bus, bicycle and on foot.

On the bus map, you can see bus timetables and plan your journey. On the cycle and walking map, you can select links that provide more information on cycling or walking in and around Peterborough.