Homeowner FAQs

If you have a question that you can't find the answer to, get in touch!  Email customerservices@crosskeyshomes.co.uk.

Can I sub-let my home?

If you’re a leaseholder, you are welcome to sub-let your home. You will need to contact us with the details and provide evidence that you have ensured your home is safe and has the appropriate gas safety certification. 

If you’re a shared owners are not able to sub-let your home until you have staircased to own 100% of your property.

Can I manage my account online?

We're working on a simple new way for you to manage your account online. 

Using MyCKH you'll be able to check your latest balance, report communal repairs, and update your details. 

MyCKH will be ready for you to use to manage your shared ownership or leasehold account in spring 2019. 

(You'll need to use your date of birth and email address as part of the registration process, so drop us a line to make sure we have all of your details correct.)

When is my service charge due?

If you are a leaseholder, your charges are due when you receive your statement. This is usually in the autumn.   

As a shared owner, your statements are sent in March and payments are inclusive of your rent - payable monthly. We recommend you set up a monthly Direct Debit.

Find out more on our service charges page.

I would like to have a say on the service I receive

Great News! There are two ways to do this, have a look at our get involved page if you are interested in becoming a Customer Champion. Or share your views through our you said, we did page, where we place surveys and feedback on the questions we receive regularly.

My lease is running out - what can I do?

Have a look at the leasehold advisory website, this talks you through the different options in relation to a lease extension. It also has a handy estimated cost calculator.

I'm a shared owner - how can I buy more shares?

Buying more shares in your home is commonly known as 'staircasing'. Find all the information you need on our buying more shares page. 

I'm a shared owner - how can I sell my home?

I live in a flat, can Rover move in too?

We understand that pets are part of the family, but not all of our homes are suitable for pets.  Whether you can have a pet within your property is detailed within your lease. Contact us if you’re not sure.

I have a management company - what does that mean?

Your site may have a management company who maintains the internal communal area (flat blocks only) and the external communal area, such as parks and Green Spaces. If the roads are not adopted by the local authority, they will also look after the roads.

The management company will deliver these services, and then issue a bill to us. We will then invoice you in turn as part of your service charges. We keep in regular contact with management companies to ensure the sites remain in good condition. If you have any questions about your management company, then email us at customerservices@crosskeyshomes.co.uk.