A brief guide to buying a home with CKH

Complete your CKH on-line application & register with your local Help to Buy Agent. These are both straightforward & easy to do. We discuss your requirements & affordability and then introduce you to an Independent Financial Advisor. The IFA will work through your finances in detail and find the best mortgage deal for you. You provide us with some documentation we need for legal/financial checks. Again, all quite easy & straightforward. Assuming all is well, we offer you a property and you place a deposit to formally reserve it. This deposit comes off the price when you complete your purchase. We both ‘instruct’ our solicitors – we have a panel for you to choose yours from, who will tell you the costs involved up-front. Many of the legal costs are fixed, but fees for solicitors’ services themselves do vary. Your mortgage lender will carry out a valuation survey of the property & your solicitor will carry out formal ‘searches’ and make enquiries about the property on your behalf. These processes can take a few weeks, but we will monitor their progress. Your lender will make you a formal ‘mortgage offer’ and your solicitor will report back to you/ask you to sign the legal documentation. Your solicitor is legally bound to act in your best interests and ensure there are no legal/financial issues associated with the property. We are now ready to ‘exchange contracts’ and you will need to give your solicitor your full deposit for the property. Your solicitor holds all monies for the purchase, including the loan-advance from your mortgage provider. Once we exchange contracts we are both legally committed to the purchase/sale and we agree a date for ‘legal completion’. We will already have discussed between ourselves the best timing for you to take possession of your home. On legal completion day your solicitor transfers all the monies and we then meet you at your home to walk round, check everything’s a-ok and HAND YOU YOUR KEYS!  Congratulations!

Please note that the above is intended as a summary-guide only and does not include the fine detail of each element of the process, or exactly reflect the sequence of events for every purchase.