Ways to pay your rent

There are many convenient ways to pay your rent - you just need to choose which way is best for you.

Please note: We have recently updated the ways that you can pay your rent. Remember, PayZone can no longer be used with your new rent payment card and any payments made using your rent old payment card may be lost. We now have a whole host of convenient options for you to pay your rent, all you have to do is choose from one of the following…

Three days to clear rent accountKey to symbols: The number shown on the calendar symbol indicates the number of working days it can take for your payment to reach your rent account.


Direct Debit

One day to clear account

The easiest way to pay us is by Direct Debit, which means you pay your rent direct from your bank account, or your credit union account. Once the Direct Debit is set up, you don’t need to do anything else. If there are any changes to the amount collected from your account, you will receive 10 working days notice.

We can set up a Direct Debit for free, simply call us on 01733 396483, or you can fill in our Rent Direct Debit Form.


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One day to clear accountIf you have received your new payment card, you can now pay your rent online using our new and secure AllPay website. Just remember to have your payment reference number, and debit or credit card to hand when you come to make a payment. You are required to register online before making your first payment.

Click here to pay your rent online

Over the phone

Three days to clear rent account

You can call us on our automated phone line: 0330 088 3786, and pay your rent with a debit or credit card 24/7. You will need your payment reference number and debit or credit card to hand.


By text

One day to clear account

Paying by text is one of the newest ways that you can pay your rent 24/7. Register online at www.allpayments.net/textpay before you make your first payment, and have your payment reference number and debit or credit card to hand.
Then text ‘pay’ plus the text code you set up during registration, along with the amount you want to pay, and your password (the last four digits of your debit or credit card) to 81025.

By the allpay payment app

One day to clear account

Debit or credit card payments can be made at your convenience 24/7 through the allpay payment app, which is available to download for free for Apple, Android and Windows smartphones – just type ‘allpay’ into your app store and follow the on screen instructions. For further instructions on how to use the app, click here to download the 'Allpay App - How it works' leaflet

In person

You can pay your rent in person using your rent payment card, by cash, debit, or a credit card at:

Three days to clear rent account  Anywhere that you see a PayPoint logo - there are many PayPoint locations in local shops for you to choose from, find your nearest PayPoint location here.

Three days to clear rent account Any Post Office

Three days to clear rent account  At either of Cross Keys Homes’ offices paying by card.

One day to clear account At either of Cross Keys Homes’ offices by cash.

Housing Benefit or Universal Credit

Five days to clear rent account

If you are entitled to either Housing Benefit, or the housing cost element of Universal Credit, it is still your responsibility to ensure your rent is paid on time. Please let us know if you need any help with completing the appropriate forms, so that an assessment to your entitlement can be carried out without delay.

 If you have any issues or difficulty with housing benefit, we are happy to help or offer advice with completing forms, call us on 01733 385061.


What happens next?

However you pay, you will be given a receipt or reference number. You should keep this safe as proof of payment.

Please be aware:

If you are unable to pay your rent, you should let us know as soon as possible so we can help you.

If you do not pay your rent, or speak to us about your rent, we follow a strict escalation path that ends up in Court. If it gets this far, then court costs of £325 are usually awarded against you, and added to your rent account.  This can always be avoided by good budgeting advice, making sure you are getting what benefits you are entitled to, and also looking at what you spend your money on. Our money advice section offers advice on saving money and support for paying your rent and bills.

Having problems paying your rent?

It’s important to keep up to date with your rent, if you get behind on your rent there is a risk of eviction from the property. We partner with StepChange Debt Charity in order to support customers who are having problems paying their rent, other bills or have debt worries. If you’re concerned about your finances then take StepChange Debt Charity’s 60-second debt checkStep Change Logo

Automated payment line placeholder

Call our automated payment line on 0330 088 3786 to make a payment 24/7

Rent in advance

Your rent payment is due in advance. Rent payments must be cleared and in your account by Friday each week, however you choose to pay.

Money advice

Are you claiming Housing Benefit or Universal Credit?

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Click here for more information on the changes and how they could affect you.

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