Building insurance

In the majority of cases, we are responsible for arranging building insurance for your home (but not home contents insurance). The cost of our cover is generally much lower than you will find elsewhere. In a small number of cases, mainly older style leases, leaseholders are required to arrange their own building insurance and provide evidence to us that a valid policy is in force.

If you are responsible for arranging your own building insurance, the following statements do not apply to you.

Insurance cover - summary of key areas

Buildings and permanent structures are insured against damage caused by fire, storm, flood, collision, malicious damage, subsidence, escape of water/frost damage. Cover is also provided for replacement locks following a loss of keys.
You may be charged an excess in respect of any claim you make.

General exclusions/limitations of cover

General wear and tear or damage occurring gradually is not covered.
If your home is unoccupied for more than 90 days a number of restrictions and policy conditions will apply. If this clause is likely to affect you, then please contact our leasehold team on: 01733 385037 for further details.

This is just a summary of cover and exclusions applying - a full copy of the insurance policy wording is available upon request.

Making a claim

Our insurers require prompt notification of building insurance claims so it is important to notify us as soon as possible after an incident occurs. Failure to notify us in good time could result in cover being restricted or claims being denied altogether.

In the event of an incident, please call our leasehold team on: 01733 385037 as soon as possible with full details of the loss or damage. We will:

  • Send you a claim form to complete. This must be completed and returned to us within 14 days of the incident.
  • Forward your completed claim form to our insurer. Our insurer will arrange for the damage to be assessed and reach agreement with you about what repairs or replacements are required before arranging for the work to be carried out.

You must not settle, reject, negotiate or agree to pay any claim or repair costs without permission from us or our insurance company.

Mortgage interest clause

We are unable to specifically mention individual mortgage providers because our policy insures many hundreds of properties at any one time. However, our policy does include wording which is usually acceptable to your mortgage lender.

Contents insurance

We offer an attractively priced contents insurance scheme through Thistle Tenant Risks. Benefits of the My Home scheme include a tailored pay as you go package, no excesses to pay on claims and realistic sums insured (currently £6,000 for people 60 and over and £9,000 for all others).

If you would like more details of the scheme, call our insurer on: 0845 337 2463 or visit: