Information for investors

We’ve built our development programme from a strong financial foundation and have the arrangements in place to achieve our ambition to deliver more than 500 homes a year.

In 2017, we secured a £40 million loan investment from Lloyds Bank and a further £40 million from Handelsbanken, to facilitate our further growth ad development. This loan is in addition to the sale of our £150 million bond issue which we announced in 2014 through our treasury financing company, Cambridgeshire Housing Capital plc. The bond carried a coupon of 4.250% and has a maturity of 31 years. Read more.

With an operating margin in excess of £33 million in 2017/18, CKH delivered a surplus of £14.8 million to reinvest in our existing homes and expanding development programme.

In 2018, Standard and Poor’s confirmed that we maintained our A+ global rating with a stable outlook, one of the highest available.

The Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) considers the governance, financial viability and value for money achieved by organisations as the basis for robust economic regulation. RSH has judged CKH to have the highest rating for viability and governance – V1G1.