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Don’t have a rubbish Christmas!

No matter how hard you try, Christmas usually brings with it a little bit of extra waste. Here’s our quick guide to the best way to get rid of your rubbish this year.

  • Recycle as much as you can. A lot of food wrapping, toy packaging and Christmas cards can all go in the recycling bin – just check the label! You can even recycle batteries too and lots of supermarkets have battery recycling collection points. Find helpful information at 


  • Wash and squash your waste before you recycle it! Breaking down boxes and squeezing the air out of bottles will make room for more recycling – that’s especially important if you live in a flat as your neighbours need space to recycle too!


  • Use the peel and trimmings from your vegetables to make a tasty vegetable stock. You can throw in the bones from the turkey too if you fancy a meaty version. If you don’t have enough peel to make a stock right away, just freeze them until you have enough to fill your pot.


  • If you’re enjoying a fresh Christmas tree this year, plan ahead for how you will get rid of it in the New Year. Your local council will have details about when they are collecting Christmas trees or where your local drop off point is. Just remember to take off all your decs first!


  • Donate or sell any old Christmas decorations that are still in good condition but you don’t use any more!


  • Bin broken decorations. Sadly, decorations like tinsel and baubles cannot be recycled so if you have any breakages just put them in the general waste bin. Broken fairy lights can be recycled as long as you take them to the right collection point, your local tip will usually accept them, and some supermarkets have collection points too.


  • Keep communal areas clear. Don’t leave your waste outside your door, only empty your bins when you’re ready to take them out to the communal bins. Keep all your decorations inside your home too, decorations in communal corridors or stairwells could help fire spread or cause a trip hazard. 


  • Never pour fat down your sink. If you’re roasting a delicious dinner make sure any cooking fat or juices from the turkey stay away from your kitchen plughole, the fat may block your sink and will cause problems in the sewer system. Pour off any fat into a container until it has cooled enough to go in the bin.


  • Write a shopping list. Planning what you need before you head to the shop is a really good way to avoid buying too much. It helps cut down on food waste as well as helping you stick to your budget!


  • Reuse your wrappings. If you get a present in a gift bag, keep hold of it to use again! You can also reuse ribbons or use old Christmas cards to make lovely gift tags to use next year.




Enjoy a safe celebration!

We all enjoy the twinkle of lights at Christmas, but before you decorate your home make sure you’ve thought about how to keep it safe from fire. Before you decorate, check your smoke alarm. You should test your smoke alarm at least once a month.

If you’re lighting candles, make sure they are on a stable, fire proof surface and are not underneath any decorations, soft furnishings or your Christmas tree. Never leave candles unattended. Why not try electric candles instead?

Never overload your plugs with too many fairy lights.

Lots of decorations are made out of materials that burn easily, so avoid placing decorations near lights or heaters.

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