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Flytipping: what a waste!

From the unsightly mess it makes to more pressing concerns over health and safety, the whole community is impacted by fly-tipping. Dumping waste is a serious offence, which can lead to hefty fines and even prison. Our Estate Rangers respond promptly to all reports of waste dumped on CKH land or left in communal areas but since the UK went into lockdown in the spring, we have seen a huge increase in the amount of fly-tipping taking place in our communities. On average, we have been clearing 100 different instances of fly-tipping every week. That is a lot of waste! We were hoping that the numbers would reduce over the summer, but sadly, people are still choosing to dump their waste in our bin stores, communal areas and outdoor spaces.  We need your help to tackle this problem and keep our communities clean.

What we are doing about it

1. Neighbourhood Managers in your community

Our Neighbourhood Managers are working differently and we now have a small team who are spending the majority of their time out and about in our neighbourhoods to identify problems promptly. They will be recording any evidence that could help us to find repeat fly-tipping offenders and issue fines.

2. Quick clearance

Our Estate Rangers have been working every weekday throughout the coronavirus crisis to make sure that dumped waste is dealt with as quickly as possible. If there is evidence left behind about who is responsible, they make sure it is recorded so we can take action. If there is a persistent fly-tipping problem in your area and we cannot identify the culprit, everyone has to contribute to the cost of cleaning up. Up to £52 a year could legally be added to your service charges to pay for dealing with the problem.

3. Investigations and enforcement

We investigate to try to find the person responsible, so if you have evidence that can help us prove the name and address of the person who dumped rubbish in your neighbourhood, please let us know when you report it. This problem is not just affecting CKH communities as local councils have reported a significant rise in fly-tipping too. We are actively working with the local authority to help them identify offenders living in our homes and issue fines of up to £400.


What can you do about it?

We are committed to tackling fly-tipping all year round but we need you to work with us to keep your neighbourhood clean and tidy.

1. Make sure you know your waste.

Did you know, leaving large items in bin stores also counts as fly-tipping? Your regular waste collection does not include bulky items or items that are not placed into bins correctly. For example, furniture, mattresses, or packaging materials left in bin stores will not be taken away with your regular collection. Every time we need to make a trip to collect waste left in bin stores incorrectly, we have less time and resources to invest in improving our communities. You can find guidance on what your local service includes and what waste should be placed into which bin on your local council website.

2. Use the right services to get rid of bulky waste.

Our bulky waste service offers a responsible way to get rid of rubbish that you cannot put in your bins, and is available to residents across Peterborough. It costs just £20 for us to collect up to three items – if you do not have three items to get rid of why not ask your neighbour if they have something to throw out too and split the cost? To keep everyone safe, we just ask that you put the items outside on the morning of your collection so that the team can keep their distance. Request a bulky waste collection in Peterborough online. If you live outside Peterborough, your local council may run a bulky waste collection service.

3. Report with as much detail as you can

Report fly-tipping online or over the phone by calling 01733 385030. Try to include as much detail as possible, including an exact address and if there is anything potentially hazardous. If you have evidence of the name and address of the person responsible for the fly-tipping, please include a photo when you report it. We spend a lot of time and money keeping our neighbourhoods clean, but rubbish dumped on private land or public spaces like parks, should be reported to your local council - you will be able to find details on their website.