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Get on Board!

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Our Residents Board is at the heart of our business, shaping our services and what happens in your community.

We need residents just ike you, to join our Board and shape the way things work by providing feedback and working together to make improvements. We were one of the first housing associations in the country to create a dedicated Residents Board because there’s no one better to make sure that residents are heard, than residents themselves. This dedicated group puts residents at the centre of decision-making processes and make sure that CKH is always challenged to keep doing better for their customers.

Resident Board members are paid for their time, and you will also gain in confidence and skills and receive full, ongoing, training. 

So if you’re passionate about your community, enjoy critical thinking and have an ability to scrutinise performance, we need your to help us provide the best services we can to our customers. You need to be able to commit up to four days a month to preparing for and attending meetings, or up to seven days a month if you have what it takes to become our Chair.

To find out more and apply today, follow this link to the application page.