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Jessica Nightingale - Care Worker Apprentice

“The more I learn the easier it becomes to develop my own routine”

I started my apprenticeship as a Care Worker in March 2020. I chose the apprenticeship route because I preferred the idea of learning and gaining experience as I go along rather than going to university. I feel like an apprenticeship is a really good way for people to have an insight to what the job is like whilst working towards a qualification.

As an adult care worker apprentice there are never two days alike. Covid- 19 has meant I have undertaken different tasks from completing daily shopping trips for essential items for those who are isolating or are too vulnerable to leave the house to having social calls where we sit and make them a warm drink and keep them company.

Throughout my apprenticeship I have been given different challenges to complete which have helped me to grow into my role. As my apprenticeship has progressed, I have slowly developed my understanding of my job and learned new things at my own pace. I know that if I ever become unsure of anything that my colleagues and manager will always be there to help guide me in the right direction. I have found the more I learn the easier it becomes to develop my own routine of how to deliver the best care to our service user.

I think that the support throughout the pandemic has been amazing, everyone has supported everyone, and we’ve all worked as a team to help ensure that the best care is still delivered. Although it is a challenging thing to be faced with, I don’t think it affected my role as such, it just means that I must complete additional tasks to support those in need.

I used to think working and completing college work came across rather daunting. However, after speaking to my team, they are happy to help as best as they can. There will be times when it becomes overwhelming and difficult to balance work and college however, once a routine is formed, I found it does become easier.

When I finish this apprenticeship, I hope to either stay with CKH and progress my care skills further or go onto further learning in hospital. I hope that my apprenticeship leads me to many exciting opportunities in the future.