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Joe Potter - Home Ownership Apprentice

“I was only in the office for two weeks before we had to start working from home”

I’ve been working as a Home Ownership Apprentice for 11 months now. I originally signed up for college, but it wasn’t for me. I chose an apprenticeship as I thought it would be a great opportunity to develop my understanding of the housing sector, gain knowledge from experienced colleagues and as a bonus, be paid to do so!

As my apprenticeship started in February 2020, I was only in the office for two weeks before we had to start working from home! In the early weeks of lockdown, I was working on an organisation-wide project to complete welfare calls to check in on our residents. As time went on, I then started to develop my role within the team and became the lead on Live Chat (an online service for customers available on our website) which allowed me to experience different kinds of queries, helping to develop my knowledge.  

This is my first full time role, although I’d had a part time job at my local Chinese takeaway, working 9 to 5 was new to me. It did take a couple of weeks to adapt, however I’ve progressively taken on more responsibility which has allowed me to be the most productive I’ve ever been. I see my role as being here to assist customer and contribute to the business as best I can.

Covid-19 has had an impact on my job role in many ways. I would’ve been able to drive which would have allowed me to complete more block inspections, but unfortunately my lessons were delayed, and my driving test had to be cancelled. I would’ve also enjoyed being able to shadow other teams around the business to build up my knowledge. However, Covid-19 has also had its positives, as working in an office was completely new to me, it was somewhat overwhelming at first and my confidence was low. But working from home has encouraged me to be responsible for my own progress and build relationships with colleagues, which I believe has helped me with my confidence today.

After I finish my apprenticeship, I’m hoping to continue with my studies at Cross Keys Homes. I have always wanted to be in a housing-based job so the experience that I have gained will hopefully set me up for the future.