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Kamila Mierzejewska - Neighbourhood Manager Apprentice

“I could not have anticipated how varied and interesting the journey would be.”

I have been an apprentice at CKH since October 2019 and I could not have anticipated how varied and interesting the journey would be!

Covid-19 has had quite a big impact on my job role. The biggest challenge was adjusting to working from home, especially since I was so used to having people around me all the time in the office, visiting customers in their homes and completing estate inspections. I’m certain that if it wasn’t for the lockdown restrictions, I would’ve had more opportunities to get ‘hands on’ with the role. Nevertheless, I have been able to improve my skills through new ways of working and I’m now better at working independently and have gained more confidence in myself.

Although it can be hard, I feel like I have adapted to working from home quite well – I am up to date with my assessments and am well supported by my team. My college tutor calls me on a regular basis to have a catch up and make sure I am doing okay. I also have a monthly meeting with my manager to ensure that I am meeting all my objectives. I speak to my colleagues virtually every day which is important during these times!

My apprenticeship is due to come to an end soon and I am on track to complete it on time. I have gained so much knowledge and learnt a variety of skills, with hands on experience in all aspects of housing management ranging from Estates, Anti-Social Behaviour and Tenancy management. Due to the most recent lockdown, I have been redeployed to assist with the BeKind fund project, which is a welfare fund set up to support residents impacted by Covid-19.

I am hoping, once I have finished my apprenticeship, to secure a permanent position at Cross Keys Homes– I’ve really enjoyed my time here so far.