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Resident Awards 2021

This year has been full of uncertainty but those individuals who stepped up to provide support have made a big difference.

So, we wanted to celebrate our amazing residents who have gone above and beyond to help neighbours, friends, and family, and make a positive impact in our communities with our Resident Awards. We were overwhelmed to read all the kind words we received about the amazing residents we have in our communities. It was a hard decision but, ultimately, we chose a winner and a couple of runners up for each category who have all received gift vouchers from us as a big thank you for the difference they make!

Take a read of what our winners and runners up have been doing this past year to go above and beyond to help those around them.


Good neighbour


Elizabeth has been described as one in a million. She is always there to give advice and offer a helping hand to those around her at a drop of a hat, despite if she’s busy herself. Elizabeth takes extra care to recycle anything she uses and grows her own vegetables which are always gifted and used by friends and family for Christmas meals.


Runners up

Martin always takes time to help his neighbours, from collecting food and offering emotional support to helping with bicycle punctures. If Martin can help, he will.

Rhonay and Ray are always there to offer a helping hand to their neighbours. They have helped to prune trees, cut lawns, and donate goods for better use.


Young achiever


Dylan is a determined young man who, despite studying full time at college, made the time to support individuals over Zoom who were struggling with their mental health during lockdown. Dylan has also been successful in securing funding to run a youth club close to home, to support those around him.


Runners up

Rasa attended this year’s Tall Ships expedition and despite being apprehensive, Rasa faced the challenge with a positive attitude and was always there to lift everyone’s spirit.

Zak recently faced the Tall Ships expedition. Zak is visually impaired and was anxious about sailing around the English Chanel, but he threw himself into every task with great vigour and enthusiasm.


Good neighbour – retirement living


Alec and Colleen have always been there to support their neighbour through the toughest times since moving in next door. From tending to their garden and collecting shopping to providing emotional support and a friendly chat, nothing is ever too much. Even when their neighbour was in hospital, they took the time to be by their side.


Runners up

Chris is always at hand to provide support with the running of community activities. From moving chairs and tables to cooking for the breakfast club, Chris is always happy to help.

Joseph does not let his age stop him! At 90 years young, Joseph is out and about in his community every day, checking in with his neighbours to see if they need anything from the shops.

Kevin is always there to support his neighbours in times of need. He keeps an eye on everyone and if he is concerned, he informs the scheme manger so that the right support can be provided.


Volunteer of the year


Simon has volunteered at the Westraven Community Garden for around 2 years and has helped keep the garden open 7 days a week and accessible to everyone. From topping up the bird feeder and potting plants, to being there outside of opening hours to open to gates for deliveries and visitors, nothing is ever too much hassle. Simon always goes the extra mile to ensure the garden is maintained and everyone who visits has a safe and enjoyable time.


Runners up

Emma has taken part in community litter picks and resident garden clearances every week. Despite having her own challenges to overcome, Emma is always positive and supportive with other volunteers.

Philip is a young man who was quick to step in help those who were stuck in rising waters due to the flash flooding and torrential rain earlier this year. Philip spent his evening redirecting traffic to avoid the danger.


Coronavirus Champion

Winner: Wendy volunteers her time working at the Westraven Café five days a week, often working 35 hours. Without hesitation Wendy is there to support with all day to day duties, including community events in the evening. During the pandemic, Wendy helped with community food support and helped provide food bags to those in need. Her happy positive personality brings smiles to those around her.


Runners up

Jorgina was ready to help everyone no matter the circumstances through the pandemic. She has helped many of her neighbours by taking care of their children whist they recovered from coronavirus and stepped up to help anywhere she could during the tough times.

Stuart has lent a helping hand to several of his neighbours during lockdown, doing odd jobs and shopping for anyone who needed support.

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