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Robert Fryer - Employers Agent Apprentice


There’s a significant difference between where I am now and where I was at the start of my apprenticeship.”

I’ve been with Cross Keys Homes for 16 months now, with 8 months left of my apprenticeship as an Employers Agent. I chose to do an apprenticeship because I’d recently finished my A levels and decided that this was the next step for me. Over the course of my apprenticeship, thanks to my team, I’ve been able to progressively take on more and more responsibilities which has contributed massively to my growth over the past 16 months. I feel there’s a significant difference between where I am now and where I was at the start of my apprenticeship.

Covid-19 has certainly impacted my job role. Pre-Covid I was regularly on sites completing quality checks on our newly built homes, but now I work from home and am restricted from visiting sites. However, my team and I have adapted, and I’d say a key part of my development is down to the level of interaction I have with them. Whether it’s through regular phone/video calls or our weekly team meetings, I feel I can still engage well with my team despite not being ‘face to face’.

The two key segments of my apprenticeship; work and college, are both now from home.

But I’m happy that I have the resources I need to continue my role and am confident that my mentors from CKH and tutors from college are only ever a phone call away.

Working remotely hasn’t significantly changed any of my day to day ‘office work’ and as I still have a college day once a week, albeit from home, which definitely still gives a bit of variety to the working week - which seems even more important now than pre-covid!

After I finish my apprenticeship, I’m aiming to use the experience and knowledge I’ve collected in my job role, as well as the qualification from college, to move onto further education and work towards a degree.