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Robert Riddell - Planned & Cyclical Works Apprentice

“I finally feel like I have got the break that I need.”

I chose an apprenticeship after graduating from university because most of the graduate roles I was looking at were extremely competitive. I thought the work experience I had under my belt would be enough for me as a stepping stone but it wasn’t, as these positions were asking for a lot more than what I already had.

So I started looking at other options and initially I wasn’t even thinking about applying for an apprenticeship. However, when I saw what CKH was offering it was too good an opportunity to pass up. This position offers a lot of exposure, training and knowledge over the course of two years in an area I’ve had interest in for a long time. Before, I was struggling to find out how to get into this line of work but since coming across this opportunity I finally feel like I have got the break that I need.

I am finding this apprenticeship challenging, engaging but yet very interesting. I can honestly say the support that I have received from CKH is better than any job I have had in the past. My line manager, mentor and the rest of the asset management team are always there if I need any help. I have also been given opportunities such as completing an IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health) course which I can now put in to practice every day and add to my CV.

The main goal for me after finishing this apprenticeship is to be offered a permanent contract in asset management at CKH. However, I know if this does not happen then my mentor and the asset management team have definitely equipped me with the knowledge, experience and exposure I need to be able to secure a role in surveying elsewhere.