Frequently asked questions about LifeLine

On this page we answer some of the most common questions about LifeLine. If you don't find the answer to your question, just fill in the enquiry form on the right and we'll reply to you. Or, you can visit us at CKH Customer Central on Bridge Street in Peterborough - we're open Monday to Saturday. You can also give us a call on; 01733 396439 to chat about LifeLine with a member of our team.

What is LifeLine?

LifeLine is a personal alarm that lets you call for help, wherever you are in your house. You wear a button, either as a pendant around your neck, or on a strap around your wrist. You'll also get a base unit that connects to your telephone line. In the event of an emergency, you can call our 24-hour Control Centre by pressing the button. We can then talk to you, and if you are able to talk back to us, we can work out how to help you. If you can't speak to us, we'll call your contacts to let them know that we've had a call from you and they need to visit you. 

Who is LifeLine for?

LifeLine is for anyone who's concerned about getting help in the event of an emergency. LifeLine is particularly useful for older people or those with restricted mobility, who are at risk of falling.

Anyone with a long-term medical condition, including diabetes or epilepsy, will benefit from the security of having a LifeLine. Victims of domestic abuse can also find reassurance, knowing they can call for help at the touch of a button.

LifeLine can offer reassurance to anyone living alone and can give peace of mind to their friends and relatives.

How much does LifeLine cost?

The basic LifeLine base unit, with one pendant costs £4.40 per week excluding VAT or £5.28 including VAT. You can pay this by direct debit, through your CKH rent account (if you're a tenant), at a payzone location (we will give you a payzone card) or via our automated payment line: 0330 088 3786.

Alternatively we can offer a discounted first year package at £160 excluding VAT or £192 including VAT. This is payable in one payment, in advance, and is non refundable if the service is cancelled within the year. 

How do I order a LifeLine alarm?

Just fill in our online order form or call us on 01733 396439 to request an order form through the post.

Can I order a LifeLine on behalf of a relative?

Yes, just fill in the order form, but indicate that you are buying for a friend or relative. You can also indicate whether you'd like to receive all the payment and other correspondence, or whether we should send that to the service user.

We'll need the service user's permission for you to act on their behalf and they will need to sign the service contract.

Can you install LifeLine alarm for me?

Yes, if you live within 50 miles of our head office (PE2 7BZ). Simply select the install by CKH option on the order form. Installation costs are £35 if you live within 25 miles of our head office, or £50 between 25 and 50 miles.

If you live further away we'll send you everything you need in the post so can install it yourself. 

Can I have an extra pendant for another person living in my home?

Yes, you can order an additional pendant on the order form. There is an additional cost of 60p a week, or £31.20 a year if you pay annually. 

If you already have a LifeLine and need another pendant, call us on: 01733 396439 or complete our enquiry form and we'll get in touch with you.

How many emergency contacts do I need?

We recommend that you have at least two emergency contacts living close to you – more if possible. The minimum we recommend is one.

If you do not have anyone living nearby who can act as an emergency contact, please call us to discuss your options. 

Do I need a Key Safe?

A Key Safe means that the emergency services will always be able to get to you, even if we cannot get hold of your contacts to let them in. Your keys will be secure, and we will only give out the code to members of the emergency services, or contacts that you authorise.

A Key Safe also means that your contacts do not need to carry your keys around with them – they will always be able to get into your house and provide you with the assistance you need.

How do I know if my LifeLine is working?

We recommend that you test your LifeLine every month. To test your LifeLine, make sure you're in the same room as your base unit, then just press your button. When the operator speaks to you, just let them know you are testing your pendant. We'll then confirm your equipment is working fine and you have complete peace of mind.

We'll receive an alert when the batteries in your pendant are running low, and we'll contact you to arrange the replacement of your batteries.

What happens if I press my LifeLine button by mistake?

Don’t panic! Just let the operator know that you've pressed the button by accident. We'll count that as your test call for that month. You won't be charged for pressing the button accidentally.

I don’t need LifeLine any more – what do I do?

Usually we ask for four weeks' notice to end a LifeLine contract. But we appreciate that life doesn't always run to plan and sometimes a contract needs to be ended sooner.

If you need to end your contract, just ring us and we'll arrange for the equipment to be returned. You can either bring it to our head office, or we can send the packaging to you so you can return it through the post. In exceptional circumstances, we might be able to collect the equipment from you.

Unless you, or someone on your behalf, tells us that you want to end the contract, the notice period will begin on the day the LifeLine is returned to our head office.