How much does it cost?

Complete peace of mind from just 44p per day

LifeLine Vi Home Unit

The basic LifeLine base unit, with one pendant (supplied either to be worn around the neck or the wrist, depending on customer preference) costs £4.40 per week excluding VAT or £5.28 including VAT. This is payable weekly

Alternatively we can offer a discounted first year package at £160 excluding VAT or £192 including VAT. This is payable in one payment, in advance, and is non refundable if the service is cancelled within the year. 

Installation costs

Collection from head office and self-installation – Free

Postage and self-installation £15.00

Home delivery and installation by Cross Keys Homes £25.00 (within 25 miles of CKH head office) or £45.00 (within 25 – 50 miles of CKH head office)