A day in the life of an Estate Ranger pre-apprentice at CKH. | News & Events - Cross Keys Homes

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A day in the life of an Estate Ranger pre-apprentice at CKH. | News & Events

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A day in the life of an Estate Ranger pre-apprentice at CKH.

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I’m Nicole, I’m 20 years old and I’m a pre-apprentice for the Estate Rangers team. Today I’ll be taking you through a typical day here at CKH along with a photo round-up. The Estate Rangers are responsible for keeping our properties and neighbourhoods in great condition and delivering a first-class service to our customers, and here is how we help to do this...


4. Nicole removing some rubbish from a property.

8am – Each morning we are assigned to a different area of the city, in which we have to drive around to different properties and check for any damage to the property like broken gates, fly-tipping and other maintenance jobs that are required, for example putting up signs. We often get sent jobs through to our phones whilst out in the mornings and these jobs can range from cleaning to litter picking.


10. Nicole cleaning the corridor floors in one of our apartment blocks.

11am - One of the regular jobs we do is the cleaning of the communal areas of all the blocks of flats that CKH own. We maintain them to a very high standard and report any faults or damages, ensuring that all of our properties are kept in great condition. Our customers are at the heart of what we do, and it’s important that they’re happy with the services we provide.


111. Photo of the back of our Estate Ranger van, as Nicole and her colleague finishes cleaning an apartment block.2pm – phew, lunchtime. I really worked up an appetite as I’ve been working really hard, but it’s so much fun. I love being out and about, it really makes you feel great when you see a job well done. At this point, we’re heading back to Head Office where we all get together and discuss future projects. It’s really great to be involved in such an active and cheerful team and I feel very privileged to be a part of it. I’ve been learning a lot from what my colleagues talk about, they really give me the motivation to work harder every day.


1:30pm – We’re back out now collecting even more fly-tipping - It’s hard to believe how much rubbish is thrown onto our streets – 1. Photo of Nicole lifting some rubbish onto our van with a colleagueits  careless and untidy. So much  valuable time is spent picking up rubbish, when the time  could instead be used for projects that are actually beneficial to our communities. You know it’s really easy to recycle things you don’t want anymore! If you’re finding it difficult to remove bigger items for a small fee of £20 we will come out and collect it (up to three items) for you if you live in Peterborough. All you have to do is contact our repairs centre or book a pick up online using MyCKH.


5. Shot of our Estate Ranger van parked outside of one of our properties3:30pm – It’s the end of another day, and I leave work knowing that I’ve had a positive impact on the community. At this point we have a full truck bed of litter and rubbish which we have to dispose of before the next morning. CKH have equipped us with a rubbish compactor at our Head Office which really helps. We send any metals, wood and rubble that we’ve collected through here as it then gets recycled. We make every effort to recycle as much of the rubbish we collect as possible – we even help out local community groups and charities.


This pre-apprenticeship has given me a great insight into this kind of work – I’m already half way through the placement, and I can’t wait for the upcoming months here as I’m really enjoying it so far. I’ve learnt a lot working at CKH and I would really like to apply for a full time job here at the end of my placement.