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Anti-Social Tenant Evicted from City Home | News & Events

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Anti-Social Tenant Evicted from City Home

News story published on 11 August 2014

City Housing Association, Cross Keys Homes, has reinforced it message that it will not tolerate anti-social behaviour from any of its tenants with the eviction of Gordon Unwin from Kesteven Walk.

Mr Unwin, 63, moved into the property in 1984 and for several years there have been reports from neighbours of Mr Unwin and his visitors causing nuisance and annoyance to neighbours at all times of day and night with drunk and disorderly behaviour, shouting and swearing. However, reports were always fairly sporadic and quietened down following our intervention which reminded Mr Unwin of his responsibilities as a tenant.

However, since April 2013 there had been an escalation in both the frequency and severity of anti-social incidents being reported by neighbours and Mr Unwin failed to engage further with Cross Keys Homes’ staff, who attempted to help him with his problems.

Mr Unwin did sign an ‘acceptable behaviour contract’ (ABC) which put further restrictions on who could visit his property and that no nuisance was to be caused there. However, Mr Unwin breached the ABC and so in April 2014, Cross Keys Homes commenced possession proceedings.

At the court hearing in June this year Mr Unwin admitted there had been problems and that he had breached the ABC. Therefore, as he had shown that he could not comply with the tenancy agreement or the ABC, the District Judge made an order to evict him from his home. Mr Unwin was evicted this week by the court bailiff.

Gemma Wood, Anti-Social Behaviour Manager for Cross Keys Homes said: “This is a sad case of a long term tenant, who was unwilling to address the underlying causes of his poor behaviour and break away from his associates, even though he knew he could lose his home. Cross Keys Homes worked with him for many years to try and help him to sustain his tenancy and to resolve the problems for the benefit of his neighbours. Eviction was the last resort but was unfortunately totally justified in this case. We are thankful to the residents who completed diary sheets meticulously to provide us with the amount of evidence we needed to escalate the case to court and to gain the approval for an eviction.”

If you are experiencing anti-social behaviour in your neighbourhood and are a Cross Keys Homes’ tenant, then call its Anti-Social Behaviour team on: 01733 396404.

You can also text: ASB followed by the details of the problem to: 60066. This is a free service which tenants can use to text any anti-social behaviour problems to Cross Keys Homes whenever and wherever they occur.