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Door 18 - CKH Advent Calendar | News & Events

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Door 18 - CKH Advent Calendar

Door 18

News story published on 18 December 2015

It’s Millie Groake! A very brave six year old who acted quickly when her brother was hit by a car.

During our Residents Awards Night we awarded Millie a Special Recognition Award as the judging panel thought she deserved to be recognised for her outstanding bravery, quick thinking and sheer determination to help while keeping calm under intense pressure.

Millie’s Story

Millie was with her older brother Dylan not far from their home when he was suddenly hit by a car driving to close to the pavement earlier this year. The car’s wing mirror clipped Dylan causing him to fall onto the car and hitting him to the pavement.

Millie’s quick thinking and bravery saw her rush into action running home to tell her mother to call an ambulance and persisting when her mother froze not knowing what to do. Millie, also went back to stay with her brother, reassuring him constantly until the ambulance arrived - even though she was undoubtedly scared and shocked herself.

She then recalled everything that had happened that afternoon later to the police. Dylan suffered concussion and cuts and bruises to his body but thankfully following an x-ray and CT scan on his brain, everything came back normal and he has made a full recovery.