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Starting my Pre-apprenticeship at CKH. | News & Events

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Starting my Pre-apprenticeship at CKH.

Pre-apprentice Billy Robbins sat at his desk

My name is Billy Robbins, I’m 17 years old and I’m a pre-apprentice in the Communications & Marketing team at CKH.

I recently finished my Level 3 BTEC in Media and Journalism, it has always been a passion of mine, and definitely a career path I’ve always wanted to go down. Although I learnt a lot, I knew I would learn more in the workplace so I started looking for some jobs/apprenticeships.

I had applied to CKH last year but was unsuccessful, I was in my last year of school at the time still finishing my exams and didn’t really have much experience. My Mum works at CKH and informed me that the pre-apprentice scheme had started again this year so I thought I would apply as I had done quite well in my exams and now had a years’ experience from my Media course. I jumped at the offer and applied, hoping for the best.

Upon hearing that I had been selected I was really happy! As a part of the pre-apprenticeship scheme, I attended a week long Sector Based Academy at Peterborough City College, in which I was taught important employability and workplace skills. This allowed me to be interviewed for the position. I was nervous as this was my first interview but the training at the college that week really helped me. I got a call back the same day – confirming my position in the Communications & Marketing team.

On my first day, I was very nervous, but I found myself settling down quickly – the team was very welcoming and knew that I was hesitant. I started to come out of my shell more and more as the days passed, and that was something I didn’t expect myself to do so quickly.

My first two weeks at CKH have been fantastic – so far, I’ve had the opportunity to write a press article to send to the local newspaper, write and upload various news events to the CKH social media platforms and started working on the next edition of Keylines magazine which will be sent out to over 11,000 homes in September. Furthermore, I’ve been working out of the office a lot with my team, visiting CKH development sites, extra care homes and conducting interviews.

I felt that I was taken seriously from the beginning. I’ve been treated as if I’m a full-time employee and it’s given me a great insight into what working in a fast paced office is actually like. This placement will act as a great foundation for my future career as I’m hoping to find a full time job in a media & journalism. I’m definitely looking forward to working on more press releases in the upcoming months.