Our weekly work clubs have proven to be beneficial to starting our careers. | News & Events - Cross Keys Homes

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Our weekly work clubs have proven to be beneficial to starting our careers. | News & Events

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Our weekly work clubs have proven to be beneficial to starting our careers.

My name is Billy Robbins, Communications and Marketing pre-apprentice and in this blog post I share my thoughts on our free work clubs here at CKH.

As a pre-apprentice, it’s important that I have the necessary skills to be able to find work after my placement has finished. To help1 all the pre-apprentices develop these skills, Cross Keys Homes has provided us with weekly Work Clubs giving us an hour a week to dedicate our time to improve our job searching abilities, interview skills and lastly CV development.

Ella Nott, Moving 4ward Personal Advisor who manages the Work Clubs, said: “The Work Clubs are a great opportunity for the pre-apprentices to receive the support they need to continue to further enhance their skills and help find employment or training opportunities after their placement has ended.”

“We also offer one to one support as well as group discussions to ensure we can support all pre-apprentices to continue to enhance their employability skills.”

Ella is a big part of our Work Clubs, she’s trained in helping young people stay in work, education or training so this is a great help to us all as she knows and understands what employers, or colleges are looking for. Having her steer the way in our Work Clubs is fantastic; she sits with us and makes changes to our CVs to further improve our chances of getting through to either interview stages, college placements or full apprenticeships. Ella also asks about our interests and what we think we’re best at, each time helping us to understand about our own skillsets and how we can use these in the work environment. With that information, Ella, then finds job descriptions which best suit each of us and is tailored to what we are best at. It’s always good to also have an extra pair of eyes to look over what we’re applying for.

As pre-apprentices, we are all working in different departments and rarely see each other. These Work Clubs also give us the 2chance to come together and discuss how we’re doing for an hour. It’s great to have chats with the other pre-apprentices too as we get insights into what we all do in each of our placements. All of us and Ella have developed a really good relationship with each other, which makes the Work Clubs that much better.

As we approach the end of our six month placements, this time to come together here has proven to be really effective and has helped each of us to prepare for our next steps after this pre-apprentice has finished. I feel more equipped now and have applied for many apprenticeships within my chosen department, being marketing and IT. Thanks to these Work Clubs and having the time with Ella to concentrate on my future career prospects.