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We're supporting Zero Waste Week

Zero Waste Week

News story published on 07 September 2015

Today marks the first day of the eighth annual Zero Waste Week, a campaign that aims to encourage people and organisations to reduce their waste. Here at Cross Keys Homes we do everything we can to reduce waste and save the environment, anything from collecting milk tops to recycling aluminium cans. We monitor our energy usage regularly and set targets to improve, our PV panels also generate renewable energy that runs our head office.

Diverting goods from landfills, reducing air and water pollution, saving money, saving energy and preserving resources are just some of the ways in which reusing items can benefit the environment and the individual.  If you think about that plastic water bottle you threw away, could it have been reused? Plastic bottles that are thrown away sit in a landfill for up to 500 years, so if you can’t reuse it make sure you recycle it!

We’ll be taking part in Zero Waste Week by encouraging our employees and tenants to reuse their leftovers, plastic bottles, empty jars, scrap paper and donate any items of clothing or household goods to charity.

To find out more about Zero Waste Week visit www.zerowasteweek.co.uk and pledge your support.