CKH Equality & Diversity

Our commitment  

Equality & diversity is a dynamic and integral part of Cross Keys Homes work. It is our opinion that everyone should have equal access to our services and an equal chance of gaining employment with CKH.

We care about what we do. We care about the people and communities we help.

Equality & diversity applies to all areas of our work including:

  • The provision of our homes and services
  • Housing management, development and contractor provision 
  • Recruitment, employment and training within CKH 
  • The governance of CKH                                      

Cross Keys Homes is committed to equality & diversity and work hard to ensure that all of our employees, tenants and residents, regardless of background or characteristic are treated fairly and without prejudice.

We expect everyone who works for us to uphold these principles.

Our contractors Mears also produce a equality and diversity monitoring report which outlines the progress we have made over the last year in the area of equality and diversity and makes recommendations on priorities for further action.


Download our Equality and Diversity Policy