Planned works

It is our obligation to carry out remedial works to the structure of your property to ensure replacement is undertaken prior to the expiry of a components’ life. This can include work such as; painting, guttering, fascias, soffits and roofing works. We call this work our  Planned Works Programme [xlsx] 78KB and endeavour to let you know about this work during the initial stages of planning, so that all leaseholders are aware of our intentions.

We will also provide an estimate of the cost of the work and will allow 30 days for written comments.  We will respond to these within 21 days and prior to contracting the work. 

Please note as a leaseholder you may be obliged under the terms of your lease to pay a proportion of the cost of this type of work.

Depending on when the work is carried out and the type of lease you hold, the work will normally be recharged within your next service charge invoice which is issued in  September each year.

We would like to reassure you that Cross Keys Homes will do all that we can to arrange a payment plan to help spread the cost of this work over a longer period.  For further details regarding this option please call: 01733 385037.

Our Planned Works Programme [xlsx] 78KB will help you to identify whether your property is in need of any work and the type of work that is required.  This is updated frequently for your information and letters about our planned works are sent out to all leaseholders at an early stage.

We also ensure that you are given every opportunity to express your views on matters including our planned works programme and a special leaseholders' forum has been set-up to give leaseholders a chance to raise concerns and debate issues. This forum channels issues and new ideas to Cross Keys Homes' management board.

Our FAQs [pdf] 100KB has an archive of all questions and answers regarding this type of work which leaseholders have asked about in the past.  However, if you have any further questions which you would like clarifying, call: 01733 385037.