Positive intervention

We are committed to the prevention of anti-social behaviour by offering effective early intervention strategies. The type of interventions offered and used is outlined in the ASBO statement and summary[pdf] 3MB

Taking positive action

Whether by telephone, in person or by any other form of correspondence, all reports of anti-social behaviour will be acknowledged within three days and an investigation by a named manager will begin within 10 days. If the matter is racially motivated or involves violence then this will be investigated within 24 hours. The full investigation process is detailed in the ASBO statement and summary[pdf] 3MB

Absolute Possession Ground - evictions

Following new legislation from the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, known as 'Absolute Possession Ground', the court must now grant housing association's possession if certain criminal activity has found to be committed within the locality of the perpetrator's home. This has given us more power to evict those who do not follow their tenancy at an earlier stage and provide an effective resolution to those affected by certain anti-social behaviour problems.