Making changes to your home

Under the terms of your lease, you need to get our written permission before changing anything inside or outside your home, such as new windows, doors and heating systems.

To get consent, email with details of the work you would like to do and your chosen contractor. Feel free to send us an email to check if you need permission for the work you would like to do.

Any contractor carrying out gas work must be Gas Safe Registered and NIC/EIC registered if carrying out electrical work. We might ask to see your Gas Safe or electrical test certificates.

Front doors and fire safety

If you live in a flat or maisonette and want to replace your front door, it will need to be a type FD30S fire door. These doors are designed to give protection against fire and smoke for a minimum of 30 minutes. We'll ask to see the fire resistance certificate supplied with the door.

PVCu doors are not suitable as front doors to flats that open into internal communal areas.

There are also restrictions regarding the type of door that can be fitted to cupboards opening into communal areas, especially those with boilers inside.  For more information, call Customer Services on 01733 385000.