Repairs and maintenance

As a leaseholder, you're responsible for all the repairs inside your property. Under most leases we're responsible for carrying out repairs and maintenance to the exterior of the block, the main structure, main services and communal areas both inside and outside. 

The exact responsibility for repairs may vary according to the type of home in which you live and the contents of your lease. Check out the general repair and maintenance responsibilities below.  As every lease is different, you can call us on: 01733 385000 to find out what your responsibilities are. 

Repair responsibilities

This is a guide – for a full list, please check your lease. 


Cross Keys Homes Leaseholder

Communal door and frame

Internal door to flat

Key fobs to communal door

Lost keys to flat door

Windows to flat

Cross Keys Homes Leaseholder

Window frame

Window glass


Cross Keys Homes Leaseholder

Communal boiler 

Own boiler, radiators and valves 


Sweeping chimneys



Cross Keys Homes Leaseholders

Communal lighting 

Faults within the flat


Immersion heater


Extractor fans 


Cross Keys Homes Leaseholders

Water supply to the flat

Burst pipe within the flat

Communal water pipes  

Taps and tap washers

Main communal storage tank 

Stopcocks and ball valves


Bath, basin and sink

Blocked waste pipes

Water tanks within flat

Water pipes within flat


Cross Keys Homes Leaseholders

Drains Blockage to outside drainage 

Blockage within property


Cross Keys Homes Leaseholders

Gas escapes within the flat

Gas fires and cookers

Gas servicing and safety check


Cross Keys Homes Leaseholders



Main walls 

Foundations  ​ 


Gutters and down pipes 

Bargeboards and soffits

Walls and ceilings

Cross Keys Homes Leaseholders

Party wall (structural)

Internal walls (non structural)

Walls to communal areas

Internal plaster or plasterboard



Floors within the flat​

Cross Keys Homes Leaseholders




Skirting boards

Floor tiles

Communal facilities

Cross Keys Homes Leaseholders

Communal car parking areas ​ 

Personal garden sheds

Communal gardens


Communal grassed areas

Communal TV aerial  

Communal paths and gates 

Communal store sheds

Entry phone system 


Communal stairs and landings

Refuse chutes

External redecoration