Repairs and safety

We're responsible for most of the repairs to your home. But you're responsible for things like garden maintenance and internal decoration. Your repairs handbook lists the types of repairs we'll carry out as part of your tenancy agreement.

If you need a repair, please tell us as soon as you notice. Report a repair via MyCKH or call us on 01733 385030. Anyone living in sheltered accommodation should speak to their Scheme Manager in the first instance.

If you're in rent arrears with no payment plan in place, or you're in breach of your plan, we'll only be able to carry out emergency repairs to your home. Any non-emergency repairs will be restricted. If you're affected by this, and our Repairs Centre is unable to carry out your repair because of your arrears, you should contact us on 01733 396483. 

If you'd like to make a home improvement, you'll need our permission first. We also offer advice on how to care for your home and how to stay safe in your home.


ID badge logoAll our staff and contractors carry identification badges, which should be shown to you on your doorstep. A password system can also be set up for added security. If you'd like to set up a password, call us on 01733 385000.