Buy a share in your home and pay rent on the rest

Shared ownership lets you buy a home for less. It's an affordable route into home ownership – one which thousands of people across the country have already taken.

How it works

  • You buy and own a share in your home (anything from 25%) and we'll charge you a modest rent on the rest. 
  • It still works out cheaper than buying a home outright. 
  • You don’t need a big deposit, as it’s based on the share you’re buying. And most mortgage providers only ask for a 5% deposit when buying through shared ownership.
  • You can buy more shares later on – until you own your home 100% (we call this ‘staircasing up’).
  • If you want to move on, you can sell your share for its market value at the time.

How it adds up – here's an example

  • Full market value of the property = £175,000
  • You buy a 40% share = £70,000
  • You pay a 5% deposit = £3,500
  • Monthly mortgage = £341*
  • Monthly rental fee = £241
  • Total monthly mortgage and rental fee = £582

* This example is based on a mortgage rate of 4.59% and a term of 30 years. Please note that rates, terms & criteria vary.

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