Sheltered housing

We look after 27 sheltered housing schemes throughout Peterborough.

Find out more about the schemes and where they are located.

Sheltered housingOur sheltered housing includes bungalows, flats and bedsits that cater for the needs of people of retirement age.

The homes are self-contained, which means you can live as independently as you want to. But they also offer extra shared facilities, such as a communal lounge, so you can join in social activities and get to know your neighbours.

All homes are linked to the LifeLine service via a pull cord alarm. This means that in the event of an emergency, you can make contact with someone 24-hours a day who can call the emergency services or get in touch with members of your family.

All sheltered housing schemes benefit from a Scheme Manager who can:

  • Help to assess any support needs you may have and make arrangements for these needs to be met - for example by making contact with social services
  • Keep a check on your welfare.

Eligibility criteria for CKH sheltered housing

Age of 55 plus and;

  • have an assessed need for housing related support (scheme manager services) or
  • would benefit from the social activities available or
  • would benefit from living in a community of people aged 55 and over or
  • a different level of support need e.g. life skills support for people with mild learning disabilities or
  • The applicant identifies that they may have a need in any of the above areas at a future point.

Younger persons may be accepted under certain circumstances for sheltered housing where individual need is demonstrated. In these circumstances the minimum age of consideration will be 50. 

Applicants 50 plus will be considered for sheltered housing where;

  • principal applicant in a couple is 55 plus and partner is younger.
  • there is assessed risk, vulnerability or disability and living in sheltered accommodation will improve quality of life.
  • a different level of support need e.g. life skills support for people with mild learning disabilities is required.

There is no maximum age limit for applicants to our sheltered housing schemes. Though applicants must be able to live independently in their home with the support of care where this is provided. 

To find out more about sheltered housing provided by Cross Keys Homes, email us on or call us on 01733 385103.