Safe and secure in your home

How LifeLine can support you wherever you are in the homeOn top of the basic alarm service, LifeLine can offer a range of additional sensors that complement the support available to you, keeping you safer in your home. The sensors can detect any changes in your movement or the environment in your home, and put a call straight through to the Control Centre. Our operators will then get in touch with you to check you are alright or whether you need help. If they're unable to contact you, they'll call your key contacts or the emergency services.

Telecare products can play a vital role as part of a package that provides support for people with illnesses such as dementia, recovering from a stroke, mobility issues, or those at risk of falling.

As well as emergency alarms, users can have additional sensors that monitor a range of variables including:

  • temperature
  • movement
  • wandering (particularly useful for people with cognitive impairment)
  • data detecting leaks from gas appliances.

To find out more, or to order any of these products, call our Lifeline team on: 01733 396439 

Here are some of the telecare sensors we can offer you:

Telecare sensors