Tenancy conditions

We are currently reviewing our tenancy conditions to make sure they are still relevant and to enable standards in your home and neighbourhood are effectively managed.

Some of the tenancy conditions cannot be changed as they are a legal requirement however, here are some of the categories we are reviewing:

  • Repairs - Cross Keys Homes’ responsibilities; Tenants’ responsibilities; Rights of emergency access; Right to repair; Right to improve and Recharges
  • Gas safety - This will include a requirement for tenants to provide annual access for gas safety checks and a statement that we will take legal action to gain access where required
  • Looking after your home and garden - A section on the responsibilities regarding required standards and conditions of the property and garden
  • Behaviour - This will include all clauses relating to anti-social behaviour; nuisance; illegal conduct; conduct towards staff/other agencies; parking (including provision for caravans/trailers etc) and responsibilities towards boundaries
  • Home security - Requirements for permission for installation of tenants’ own home security equipment
  • Pets - This section can cause some of the more complex challenges within housing management. It’s important to ensure that this section provides a clear statement of Cross Keys Homes’ attitude and approach towards dealing with pets, animals and livestock and any associated nuisance
  • Running a business from home - An increasing number of residents want to set up their own businesses and may be able to run them from home. While tenants still require permission this will not be withheld unreasonably
  • Tenancy changes - To include relationship breakdown; mutual exchanges; succession and name changes

Proposed amendments will be approved by our tenant-led policy review group for all new tenancy agreements, existing tenancies will remain unchanged.

To make any comments or suggestions contact senior neighbourhood manager, Steve Dumbrell at: steve.dumbrell@crosskeyshomes.co.uk.