Value for Money - it’s all part of the plan

We are committed to providing excellent Value for Money to our residents and communities, now and as part of our longer term plans.
We aim to provide Value for Money by making informed financial and operational decisions. This means spending the money the business makes wisely, and looking for ways to reduce expenditure, time or effort, whilst providing the same, or better, standards of service.
For a number of years, we have provided an annual report on how we deliver Value for Money and the 2012, Homes and Communities Agency revised regulatory  framework reaffirmed the importance of Value for Money.
Our Board has included an annual statement of how it ensures Value for Money across Cross Keys Homes in the financial review and strategic report section of our financial statements.
We still think it is important to provide information about Value for Money in an accessible and transparent way to all of our residents, communities and stakeholders so we are continuing to produce this resident focused ‘Value for Money statement’ to compliment the information included in our Annual Report and  Value for Money statement.

VFM Report

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