Personal Alert Wristband

LifeLine Personal Alert WristbandAre you concerned about leaving the house? Do you enjoy the security of your LifeLine when you are at home but worry what will happen if you have a fall or accident while you are out?

The LifeLine Personal Alert Wristband is the answer to your worries, giving you and your family the security and peace of mind that LifeLine can be easily contacted even when your pendant can’t be used. 

What is it?

The Lifeline Personal Alert Wristband is a flexible silicone bracelet, that contains your unique personal identification number and the LifeLine Control Centre telephone number with the wording ICE (in case of emergency).

The wristbands is soft and comfortable to wear, just like a piece of jewellery. Except this little diamond could save your life! 

How does it work?

LifeLine Personal Alert Wristbands are designed to be worn when you leave the house. In the event of an accident or other medical emergency, it is easy for anyone coming to your assistance to find the LifeLine number on your wristband and then call our Control Centre. Then we can give anyone attending to you  any medical information you have agreed to share, such as the fact you are diabetic or epileptic etc. We will also let you Key Contacts know what has happened and even contact the emergency services.  

We are able to store any information you feel would be useful in an emergency, such as contact details for your family, health information and any existing conditions. All this information helps any first aiders or paramedics to treat you quickly and without you worrying. You will also know that your family and friends will be informed, so you don’t need to panic about remembering phone numbers.


You can gain this added feeling of security from just £15 for the first year and £10 per year in subsequent years. This price includes your wrist band and Alert ID registrations set-up, and we will call you once a year to check your details are up to date. Apply here, by filling in the online application form.