You said, we did

We believe that you should have the chance to shape how we deliver our services. 

We want to work with you to make improvements to the services delivered to you as homeowners. Your feedback will help us to tailor services and communication - and ultimately provide the service that you want. You can use the 'feedback' tool on our website to let us know how we're doing, just make sure you leave your name and address. 

We’re open to change and will keep you up to date with the progress we make with regular updates on this page.  When change is coming, we’ll give you a clear account of what's happening and when or if we can’t make the changes you request, we’ll tell you why.

What we've done 


You said: It would be useful to have different ways to get in touch, I work 9-5 and often can’t call during my lunch break

We did: Good news - we heard what you were saying and in the last couple of months we have launched MyCKH a secure area of our website where you can manage your account. There's also a new Live Chat function on the website so you can talk to a member of the team online, plus we've introduced email service updates to tell you about important details that may affect you. Tell us about changes to your contact details on MyCKH to make sure you recived our next update.  


You said: I don’t have long enough to budget for the planned works cost

We did: This year, we made those residents with planned works aware at the earliest stage (whilst still ensuring we comply with Section 20 consultations and the 18 month rule). We will also be looking to publish the list of those with planned works on our website - to make it easier to check what’s going on in your area.


You said: I couldn’t clearly see a place for leaseholders/shared owners on your website

We did: We reviewed the content of our website and made it easier to find. There's a link to the homeownership section from the homepage and we include links to relevant information in our email service updates. 


You said: There's no way to get in touch outside of working hours?

We did: We trialled some drop in sessions in Peterborough during evenings and on Saturdays at the end of 2018. We didn’t get many homeowners pop in, so we are reviewing whether we look to offer these again in the future.

MyCKH is available 24/7, so you can get in touch whenever you need to and we always aim to respond within two working days. 


Updated July 2019