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Why scrutiny matters at CKH

Image shows tpas logo and the words Proud to part of National Scrutiny Week

This week we are celebrating National Scrutiny Week, with tpas, the tenant engagement specialists.

At CKH we put our customers very much at the heart of our business, and our involved residents are key to this. Our Scrutiny Panel is made up of very passionate involved residents, who take a close look at our services, policies and procedures from a customer point of view. Their recommendations are then fed into the policies to improve them and ensure the customer’s voice is heard. The Panel is completely independent of CKH management and investigates the areas that they see as important, or those they are invited to look at in depth by the company.

Their two most recent investigations have delivered some great results. Last year they investigated the perennial problem of fly-tipping, and their recommendations led to the introduction of our bulky waste collections, as well as an educational campaign which saw our Communities team visiting local schools and talking to the pupils  about recycling and the responsible way to dispose of waste.

Most recently, the panel have looked into our planned works process, and their recommendations included an increase in tenant involvement in our re-investment panel and in the procurement of contractors, as well as updating the planned works policy.

But the benefit of our Scrutiny Panel goes far beyond the practical way we can get the tenant’s voice heard in our policies. For the members themselves, being part of the Panel brings immense benefit, as long term Panel member Janet Davies explains:

“I love being on the CKH Scrutiny Panel. As a group we really gel, and we work well together, bouncing ideas off each other. As a former teacher I am able to bring my questioning skills to the group, and it’s great to be so highly valued by Cross Keys Homes as a critical friend.

“Throughout our investigations everyone we speak to at CKH is open and helpful, and welcomes our thoughts. From the feedback we receive I know that CKH is listening to us and putting our recommendations in action. This shows we are really making a difference and that feels great!”

Fellow Panel member, Ted Murray, agrees: “Reviewing policies and services from a customer’s point of view is a great help to the business. We ensure they are fit for purpose and the tenant’s voice is heard. As a former auditor in my working life, I have many skills to bring to the panel, and the business. I really enjoy it, as it brings back great memories of my career while improving the business and the service it provides.”

CKH CEO, Claire Higgins says of the Panel: “The Scrutiny Panel are a key aspect of our resident involvement strategy, which is spearheaded by our sector leading Resident Board. I am passionate about hearing from our customers on all aspects of our business – they are the key to our success. The dedication and passion of our Scrutiny Panel is evident in the influence they have had through their tenacious investigations and thorough recommendations. I want to take this opportunity to thank them all most wholeheartedly for their hard work and the tangible improvements they have made to our work here at CKH.”