Tenant Satisfaction Measures

The government asks us to collect your feedback and report it to them every year. This is just one of the ways we listen to your views. You may be contacted to take part in a satisfaction survey over the phone or via email. The questions we ask you are called ‘Tenant Satisfaction Measures’.  

The survey

We contact a random group of residents to complete the survey each year, this might be over the phone or via email. The survey is quite short, it should only take 5 to 7 minutes to complete.

The survey asks how satisfied or dissatisfied you are: 

  • With the service provided by CKH? 
  • With the overall repairs service from CKH over the last 12 months?
  • With the time taken to complete your most recent repair after you reported it?
  • That CKH provides a home that is well maintained?
  • That CKH provides a home that is safe?
  • That CKH listens to your views and acts upon them?
  • That CKH keeps you informed about things that matter to you?
  • That CKH treats you fairly and with respect?
  • With CKH’s approach to complaints handling?
  • That CKH keeps these communal areas clean and well maintained?
  • That CKH makes a positive contribution to your neighbourhood?
  • With CKH’s approach to handling anti-social behaviour?

How we use the results

We read every piece of feedback you share and use it to spot ways to improve. Sometimes we can make changes straightaway and sometimes we use your feedback to help us plan for improvements in the future. We will tell you how your feedback is impacting on our services through our regular communications.

The surveys are completed anonymously, however, if you are dissatisfied with your experience, you have the option to give permission for us to contact you to talk about your experience and try to make it right.

How else can I share my feedback?

There are lots of ways you can get in touch to share your feedback. Whether you want to compliment a member of our team or let us know we didn’t get it right, we love to hear from you.

  • Did we get it wrong? Let us know using the form on our complaints and feedback page.
  • Start a live chat with our Customer First team
  • Call our Customer First team on 01733 385000
  • Tell us in person, you can visit CKH Customer Central on Bridge Street. 

Tenant satisfaction measures 2023-24 

Each year, we contact some of our residents by phone and by email and ask them to share feedback on topics set by the government. Your satisfaction scores are an essential part of how we measure if we are performing well enough. In 2023-24, we conducted a customer satisfaction survey with 995 residents (including residents of our retirement housing communities) and shared owners to make sure we had enough responses for the results to reflect the wider experiences of residents of different ages, abilities and backgrounds. The residents were selected at random. This is called a sampling approach.

We worked with a partner, CX Feedback, who contacted residents on our behalf. They are an experienced customer feedback agency who follow the Market Research Society code of conduct to make sure their approach is ethical and independent.  

They asked everyone the same 12 questions, as set out by the government, as well as asking why residents felt satisfied or dissatisfied with our service and checking if residents gave permission for us to follow up on negative feedback to try to put things right. We completed the survey four times throughout the year, asking different residents to complete the survey in April, July, November, and January. To make sure people without access to online services were represented in the results, CX Feedback completed many surveys over the phone as well as by email.

We must publish your satisfaction scores alongside other important performance information that lets you know how well we are performing as your landlord. This page includes the results of our Tenant Satisfaction Measures for 2023-24. To view the results, click on the topic you are interested on from the list to see our scores drop down. We are currently working on our Residents Report 2023-24, which will be published in the autumn and include more information about how we are using your feedback and how we plan to improve our services this year. You can also find more performance information throughout the year on our residents performance dashboard

The CKH experience

The CKH experience

  • 73% of residents are satisfied with the overall service from CKH.
  • 59% of residents are satisfied we make a positive contribution to the neighbourhood.
  • 73% of residents agree we treat them fairly and with respect.
  • 70% of residents are satisfied that we keep them informed about things that matter to them.

Health and safety

  • 80% of residents are satisfied that their home is safe.
  • 100% of all required gas safety checks, fire risk assessments, asbestos management surveys or re-inspections, legionella risk assessments and passenger lift safety checks have been completed. Take a look at our residents performance dashboard for more details.

Looking after your home and neighbourhood

  • 79% of residents who received a repair in the last 12 months are satisfied with the overall repairs service.
  • 79% of residents who received a repair in the last 12 months are satisfied with the time taken to complete their most recent repair.
  • 77% of residents are satisfied that their home is well maintained.
  • 56% of residents with communal areas are satisfied that their landlord keeps communal areas clean and well maintained.
  • 100% of our homes meet the Decent Homes Standard.
  • We completed 100% of emergency repairs on time (within 24 hours) and 95.89% of non-emergency repairs on time (within 28 days).

Listening to your feedback

  • 63% of residents are satisfied that we listen to tenant views and act upon them.
  • 26% of residents who made a complaint in the last 12 months are satisfied with their landlord’s approach to complaints handling.
  • We received an average of 4.8 stage one complaints and 0.6 stage two complaints per 1,000 homes.
  • 100% of stage one and stage two complaints were responded to on time, in line with the Housing Ombudsman’s Complaint Handing Code.

Dealing with anti-social behaviour

  • We opened 10.4 anti-social behaviour cases and 0.5 anti-social behaviour cases that involved hate crime per 1,000 homes.
  • 52% of residents are satisfied with our approach to handling anti-social behaviour.