Move home

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) update

Important information: 

We have updated some of our processes to allow you to safely move home. 

Read the Government advice on moving home before deciding if you want to move.

If you already live in one of our homes in Peterborough, you can apply to transfer to another one of our properties.

There are two simple criteria that apply to anyone who wants to move home:

  • Your account must be in credit
  • Your current home must be in a good condition.

  After you have told us what you are looking for, we will contact you when a home that matches your needs is available. It’s as simple as that.

We have a clear process that we follow which considers factors like the reason you need to move, your health and mobility, the type of home you need and even where in the city you would like to live. Residents who are under-occupying, overcrowding or have medical needs will be given priority. As we have to prioritise people living in unsuitable homes, if you are already living in a home that meets your housing needs, you may be able to find a home sooner by considering a mutual exchange.

There is a high demand for housing within Peterborough and it may take some time for a suitable home to become available. We will ask you to confirm your details every six months to make sure the details we hold reflect your current needs.

Complete our apply to move form in MyCKH. 

This service is currently only available for homes within Peterborough. If you live in a CKH home in another Local Authority area, you will need to contact us for permission to transfer to a different home and then apply to your local council to join their housing register. You may want to consider a mutual exchange instead.


Mutual exchange

If you live in one of our homes and need to move, it’s often quicker to swap with someone else who also lives in an affordable home. It’s free to do, just make sure your rent account is up to date and your home is in a good condition.

Once you’ve found a potential swap, tell us about it using the mutual exchange form in MyCKH so we can make the arrangements for your move.

Payment of 4 weeks rent in advance will be needed before we can finalise your move.

Mutual exchange and Covid-19

Read the Government advice on moving home before deciding if you want to move.

Be prepared to be flexible, you will not be able to move to any home where people have symptoms of Covid-19 or are self-isolating.

Due to covid-19, we have made some changes to help keep you and our employees safe. You will need to work with us so we can inspect your home virtually via video call. Where possible, you should view properties virtually as well. The government has published advice on viewings, including what to do if you are viewing someone else’s home and if someone is viewing yours.  

If you have already applied for an exchange, you do not need to submit another application. You do not have to go ahead with an exchange if you have changed your mind or your circumstances have changed.

Before your exchange can go ahead, you must:

  • Find out if the other party want to continue. You will not be able to move if anyone in their household is displaying any Covid-19 symptoms or is currently shielding.
  • Ask the other landlord if they are moving ahead with mutual exchange applications.

Apply for an affordable rented home

Allocations are managed by your local council. We don’t accept applications for rented homes directly.

The council deal with your application and tell you whether you're eligible to rent a home with us. They will explain how to search and apply for homes too. If you want to move to a new area, you’ll need to register with the council in that area.

Register your housing need:

Not sure who your local council is? has a helpful postcode search to find your council