Report a repair

Login to your account to report an issue in your home or a communal area. 

Report a repair online

Emergency repairs

We respond to emergencies within 24 hours.

Emergency repairs are issues that affect the health and safety of your household, for example if your front door will not lock or the only toilet in your home is broken. 

Report an emergency repair at any time on 01733 385030. 

When it is cold outside, often the amount of moisture inside your home will increase. Condensation is a normal part of every day life, but too much condensation can lead to mould. Take a look at our top tips on condensation and mould.

If you are worried that condensation is becoming a problem in your home, or you have seen signs of damp or mould please call us at any time on 01733 385030 or report a repair online.

Our repairs service

As a CKH tenant, you promise to pay your rent. As your landlord, we promise to provide reliable services. We think that’s fair. If you stop paying your rent, or underpay, you risk losing access to some of these services. We think that’s fair too.

When you get in touch, we’ll ask you when the most convenient time to book your appointment is. We offer five different time slots - morning, afternoon, evening, school run or Saturdays. In the case of emergency repairs, we cannot offer advance appointments so you need to make sure someone is at home until an operative arrives. 

Someone over the age of 17 must be at home when a repair is being carried out.

To cancel or rearrange an appointment, call us as soon as possible on 01733 385030. If you do not provide 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment or are not at home when a contractor calls, you may be charged or we may change the priority of the repair.

You’ll receive a text message from Mears on the morning of your appointment with a link to a website with details of when the operative is likely to arrive at your home. They’ll be able to share updates if they are running late or can be with you sooner than planned, and you’ll also be able to contact the operative and let them know if you’re not home or delayed.

We explain your rights and responsibilities in our repairs handbook.

If you need to report a problem in a new build home (less than 12 months old), take a look at our information on defects


Repair response times

When you report a repair, we tell you what category it falls into and the estimated time we will take to deal with it.

Emergency repairs – 24 hours

Affect health and safety or the basic security of your home. For example, serious leaks that are flooding your home, a broken toilet (when there is no other working toilet), or no heating in winter (November – April).

We tell our contractors to reach you as soon as possible and you need to stay at home until they arrive - advance appointments are not available.


Urgent repairs – seven days

Could affect basic functions or cause further damage. Examples include taps which won’t turn on, no heating or hot water in summer months (May – October), or a faulty door entry phone.

Your appointment will be confirmed by text or email.


Routine repairs – 28 days

Can wait without posing a risk to you and will not damage your home in the short-term. Examples include broken or cracked floor tiles, minor leaks and dripping taps.

Your appointment will be confirmed by text or email.


Find all the information you need in our online repairs handbook