How to report a repair

You can report a repair by phoning 01733 385030, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you live in sheltered accommodation, speak to your Scheme Manager in the first instance.

Tell us about non-urgent repairs using this form. To report a repair online you will soon need to be registered for MyCKH. Register your MyCKH account today


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You can use this form to request a repair. Please fill in all of the sections to help us to deal with your repair as quickly as possible.

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We take your privacy seriously and will process your personal information in line with current data protection laws. For more information please see our privacy policy.

There's more information about our repairs service in your Repairs handbook.

If you're in rent arrears with no payment plan in place, or you're in breach of your plan, we'll only be able to carry out emergency repairs to your home. Any non-emergency repairs will be restricted. If you're affected by this, and our Repairs Centre is unable to carry out your repair because of your arrears, you should contact us on 01733 396483. 

Repair response times

Emergency repair: this is when a problem could affect your health and safety or the security of your home, for example, a burst water pipe. We aim to complete the repair within 24 hours

Urgent repair: this is when a repair is not an emergency but causes the loss of a basic facility or where further damage may be caused. We aim to complete the repair within seven calendar days. 

Routine repair: this is a non-urgent repair that isn't causing a major inconvenience to you. We aim to complete the repair within 28 calendar days. 

Your repairs handbook tells you what types of repairs are emergency, urgent and routine.

Repairs responsibilities 

We're responsible for ensuring certain parts of the property are kept in good repair and working order, such as: the roof, drains and guttering, sockets and light fittings, internal fire doors and the overall structure of your home.

You're responsible for decorating and for minor improvements such as: clearing sink, bath, basin or toilet blockages (caused by waste), replacing light bulbs or toilet seats, TV aerials or driveways and patios. You're also responsible for the general up-keep of your home, including your garden.

These responsibilities are set out in your tenancy agreement and form part of our legal contract with you. 

If you're an older or disabled person and unable to carry out any of the above repairs, please contact us for advice.

Rechargeable repairs

If a repair is your responsibility, we might be able to do the work for you. We'll charge you for the cost of the repair, plus our costs for organising the work.

You'll need to pay us before work begins unless there is a danger to your health and safety or where we've agreed to wait for the payment.

There are some situations where we'll need to carry out repairs and charge you for it. For example, when you, your family or a visitor cause damage to the home or if you've left items at the property that need to be removed at the end of your tenancy. For a full list, refer to your repairs handbook.

Remember: if you'd like to make any changes to your home, you'll need to ask us first.